Hotel Review: Mulia Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia

Hey you guys!

I reviewed a hostel previously in Hostel Review: Mad Monkey Backpackers Hostel Kings Cross. And now I want to review a hotel. This is a 5-star hotel and I was able to stay there because well… work. I can’t afford it, well maybe I can and then I won’t eat anything for a month hahaha

Sooo anyway, lets start the review.


Guys, if I check the rate on the internet… you could definitely say that I won’t be able to afford it.

So I checked the price on and I’m pretty sure this was the room that I got from work. It costed 3.388.000 IDR for one night or around 242 USD. Wow. But maybe my office got a different price as usually there’s a corporate rate at hotel. So? Is it expensive? You betcha. Is it worth it? Well you could find it in the final verdict!

Facility & Service

The facility was superb. There are couple of restaurants there and a lounge at the lobby. The food was great like seriously, I have stayed in many hotels and this is by far my favorite. Usually hotels’ food taste bland in my mouth but this hotel? Well 5 out of 5! The price does not lie for this one!

I do like the room that I was staying at. So the bathroom has a bathtub and a shower, so I could take a bath at night and just relax there! I mean, I just love taking a nice warm bath you know, especially when you’re soooo tired or basically before you go to sleep so all of your muscle will relax. Aaah so relaxing~

Yepp… this room is only for me.

There is also this sofa and desk in my room I think it’s for eating breakfast in the room and for people who might want to work. Well what I know is that this hotel usually used for business purposes.

What I do love the most from this hotel is actually the service. The staffs are sooooo friendly and helpful. I have had my share on unfriendly hotel staffs, so I am so happy with their services. I like that they always smile when they talk to you. It sounds simple right? But I do love people who smile back at me hehe.


It’s located in the city center and you could catch MRT from here. I think it’s around 500m or less to reach the station. It’s also near shopping center and some office buildings, so it’s very convenient to stay here


The atmosphere? Very. Posh. I mean… it feels sooo different with the accommodation that I used to stay during my travel. Oh well… I usually stayed at the hostel hahaha. Anyway, I just think I’m not used to it hehe

Comfort and Cleanliness

Well 5 stars for this definitely! The room was spacious, the bathroom was also spacious. It’s very clean indeed! The bed. Ooooh. Just perfect! It feels so comfortable to sleep there! (Apart from me being so tired from full day meeting!)


The internet is not disappointing either! It’s easy to access and of course every room has their own password so the connection is good as well!

Final Verdict…

5 out of 5! Not because it’s a 5 star hotel, but because I do like staying there! But since I live in Jakarta, I don’t think I will stay there for vacation nor stay-cation. I think it’s best for business trip. But if you want the best service from a hotel, then I would recommend this place! The location is just perfect if you like to shop or just to hang out at cafes or restaurants. They have many good cafes and restaurants outside of the hotel! And if you like luxury and being pampered, this is definitely the perfect place!



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