Hostel Review: Mad Monkey Backpackers Hostel Kings Cross

Hey you guys!

As the title has said, I want to review a hostel. So back when I was traveling to Sydney, I stayed in a hostel in Kings Cross Sydney. Mind that it was my very first time staying in a hostel alone. I was reaaaallly nervous about it hahaha.

Sooo anyway, lets start the review.

Guess where did I take this picture from? :3


I checked the review here and there and I decided to actually book the hostel. I stayed in a 6-bed-dorm for female and I booked it for 4D3N and spent less than 100 AUD. It was around 90 AUD ish. Mixed dorm costs cheaper of course. I think it was around 13 – 20 AUD ish.


Inside the room you will get air conditioning, a bed (bunk bed), locker (you have to use your own lock though), 2 power sockets beside each bed which are very convenient and bathroom inside. Oh I really love the view from the bathroom! I always spend some times there just to look outside. They also provide a kitchen so you could cook there and also laundry room. I didn’t wash my clothes there though. So I cant talk much about it. You also get breakfast at the bar near the hostel.


The location, for me, is perfect! It is located near Kings Cross Station. You only need to walk for couple of minutes to get there. And it is also near Bondi Beach, around 6.4 km but you could take the train to Bondi Junction or the bus (I walked though hahaha). There are many restaurants near the hostel from McDonalds, Asian food, Kebab, etc. Oh if you like to party there are many clubs in front of the hostel. And there are many hostels around there as well, so the street is very lively. During my stay there, it usually got quiet at around 2am ish. So if you prefer a quiet place, I guess you better find a place in the suburb. I dont really like to party though but the crowds for some reason made me feel at ease hahah


I dont really made friends there. Not blaming anyone, I was really shy since it was my first time and I just got confused hahaha. I did talk to some people but cant really say I made friends. But again, if you like to party I think it’s pretty good place since they arrange party every week or so.

Comfort and Cleanliness

For me, it was pretty comfortable. I meant the bed was pretty nice, the linen was clean and the blanket was thick which was really good since I don’t do well in cold. The staffs clean the dorm every day at 10 am-ish so you will always come back to a clean room. You cant bring food to your room, so you cant eat inside the room.


You get free WiFi inside every room. Sometimes the internet got down but hey I dont mind. I still can use it anyway.

Final Verdict…

I will give it 4.8/5 because I love staying there. Everything was perfect, it’s just the noise outside that bother me a little bit. But again, it’s not the hostel’s fault! Mad Monkey Backpackers is a great place to stay in my opinion. The location is perfect since it’s near train station and you could find many restaurants and mini markets there. The staffs are friendly, it is clean and comfy for you to sleep. They provide many facilities there and most importantly it is value for money!

For more information about it, you could check out their website, just click the link here.



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