Who are you?

Hey you guys!

Welcome to my blog! My name is Kemmy, and yeah it sounds like chemistry right? Hence, my blog called Kemmistri hahaha

I like to talk to people, listen to their stories and tell them mine. I’m pretty talkative I know I know. I am also very jumpy. Literally. I tend to skipping or jumping when I walk. Too much happiness for no reason. Oops! Getting out of the road now, aren’t you Kem?

I had blog long time ago when I was in high school. I enjoyed it very much so I thought, why dont you start telling people your stories again, Kem? I really enjoyed reading other people stories as well such as Nomadic Matt’s blog posts

This is basically my personal blog so the contents are varied from my life – let’s say that this is like my personal diary haha, travel, fitness and others. So basically I post things that interest me. I’m consistently inconsistent so you might find that I don’t really have a “genre” in this blog. I am easily impressed or interested in many stuffs so yeah I tend to talk a lot.

So, welcome guys!