Who are you?

Hey you guys!

Welcome to my blog! My name is Kemmy and since my name sounds like chemistry, I decided to use “Kemmistri” as my blog name.

This blog was intended to be my personal internet diary (kind of) because I like to tell my stories and also listen to others. But then I started to expand this blog so I am planning to post some of the papers or essays that I have written.

Since I am consistently inconsistent so you can find various topics here: personal posts, traveling, brain dump and so on. Hopefully I can keep you entertained? Hehe.

Well, a little bit about this girl who post inconsistent stuffs on her blog:

I have graduated from Universitas Indonesia with Public Health as my major. I chose Occupational Health and Safety as my minor because of my father’s influence. He was the one who introduced me to this field since I was in high school and that’s when my interests in health and safety came up. I had the opportunity to work in that field for 3 years and I decided to continue my master in Environmental Management at CAU Kiel, Germany. I am always interested in environmental issue and sustainability, mainly renewable energy and endangered species. However, during my master I found new interests which is Environmental Economics. Right now, I am doing my master thesis on Bequest Value of Fisheries in the Western Baltic Sea, Germany.

Soooo, once again, welcome to my blog!


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