Error: No Refill Point/Station is Available

Hey you guys!

I started to see many people bring their own tumbler or water bottle now. I also start to bring my bottle everywhere. At first, I do it because I like to buy drinks outside. Especially coffee.

Then, since now I try to drink more water, I fill my bottle with water most of the times. I have no problem at work. Before I go to lunch, I always refill my bottle. After I have my lunch, I refill it again. No problem right?

But then, I realized that there is no refill station or point outside of my workplace. Nothing at the mall, on the street, park. Nothing. So, even if I bring my bottle and I want to drink water, I have to buy a plastic water bottle at the store. It’s pointless. I still use plastic and it won’t be a low waste act.

I really really hope that we could provide a refill station here not only at the airport. At least at the mall if many people find it dirty and doubtful if we have them at the park. It could help us to reduce plastic waste in Indonesia.



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