#16 5Cs: Ultimate vitamin Cs

Hey, you guys!

Wow I am on a rooooollll. I’ve been posting a looot. Wow.

Anywaaaaay, lets talk about #16 someone that I miss. Well, it’s hard to pick one person but let’s just choose my 5Cs. My ultimate vitamin Cs.

5Cs? What?

Not even a person. Well, not even one single entity. They are my masters cats. My adorable annoying 5 masters cats.

Well, I just want an opportunity to talk about my masters cats hahahha. Releasing my inner crazy cat lady…. NOW.

Lets describe them one by one because, heck they have such unique personalities. As I am just a humble servant, I will color their names according to their fur color.


This one is just a rascal. My brother calls him (ill) omen.


This round fur ball loves feet and very vocal when it comes to food and asking to be pet


Spoiled fur ball. My bad. Loves to cuddle with me, hates everyone else.


This timid momma boy cat is surprisingly very brave when it comes to wet food/snack.


This sweet little girl is the smartest and I am pretty sure she judges other masters cats as her stupid subordinates.

I havent seen them for 1.5 years now and I miss them soooo muchhh. Last time I went home after 6 months living in Germany, Coca was very upset and didnt even want me around her for one day only though hahah. The next day she came into my room. Well. Nagging, of course. Cheshire and Charlotte were the sweetest because they greeted me home. Cola and Cherry also avoided me that night I arrived but all solved with snack.



#15 In the comfort of my bed (and coffee, of course)

Photo by Alexandru Acea on Unsplash

Hey, you guys!

Sooooo our #15 post is about running away. PFFT. If someone describes themselves as an avid reader, then I would describe myself as an avid on the run person (???) doesnt make sense, Kem. Yea, I know. I think I have mentioned my bad traits of running away from things frequently before (you could check it here). Uh well sorry. In my defense, I need my alone time. Hmph.

Nah. I just like being alone most of the times. At this point running away from problems become a lifestyle huh Kem? Hahaha. When I run away, most of the times I just need some (a lot) alone times or wanna cool myself down.

But where do I usually go? You got it right.

My room.

But if I could choose any place in the world, where do I wanna run away to?

Well, yea. My room.

I’m pretty simple actually, especially when it comes to “running” away. I just like to stay in my room, doing anything that makes me happy (usually sleeping. damn i just love sleeping) and drinking my coffee. Nothing over the top or special like running away to another city or country. Nah. As long I have my pillow, blanket and coffee, then I am all good.



#14 Fast Fashion Style?

Photo by Hannah Morgan on Unsplash

Hey you guys!

Number 14 in the list of the writing challenge is describing my style. Sooo I would like to take the opportunity to talk about fast fashion. I believe many of you know what fast fashion is and how it is really bad for the environment.

Sadly, I would describe my style as fast fashion.

No, not because I buy clothes pretty often according to trends from catwalks/influencers on social media so I can be the girl who get the new hot look. But because I mostly buy from apparels that are apparently known for big players in fast fashion industry.

I’ll be honest that I dont always buy the most sustainable choice in the market. Simple, because it costs more money. I’m a student that have no income but still have bills to pay. Oof. I tried to at least buy none or at least less clothing from fast fashion brands, at least the one that I know. Yea yea, I am not very educated on this stuff really. And yea, today I just found out that some brands, which I thought are not fast fashion brands, apparently ARE fast fashion brands (RIP English for repeating same words again and again lol).

Wow didnt see that coming! And now, most of my stuffs are from fast fashion brands.

Well, I dont buy clothes/shoes etc often really because I dont like to have many stuffs. But still. Not very proud of my fashion style description. Eh. But I’m planning to learn more about it and hopefully will not buy from them again. Soooo it’s a good start I guess?