Bucketlist Checked: Game of Thrones Tour

Hey you guys!

I posted about my 2019 travel plan previously and said that I want to go to U.K. and Japan. Glad to say that I have fulfilled my wish to go there! Yeaaayy! I also mentioned that I wanted to visit Game of Thrones filming locations as my bucketlist, and some of them, including the studio, are in Northern Ireland hence why I went to Belfast!

From Indonesia, I already booked the tour. So I booked the tour from Game of Thrones Tour. I booked 2 tours from the website which are Belfast Winterfell and Belfast Iron Island (which included Giant’s Causeway and Rope Bridge Adventure). It costed 50 GBP for each tour. Oh and the guides were actors from Game of Thrones!

I was staying in Belfast and the hostel’s name is Belfast International Youth Hostel. I usually book my accommodation from Booking.com as I could pay it later and most of the hostel/hotel offer a no charge cancellation fee. Do click the link if you wanna book the hostel or check the review. I will probably review the hostel in my other post 🙂

Anywaaay guys, lets talk about the tour itself now shall we? Oh wait before that, I want to talk about the GoT exhibition that was being held in Belfast! I arrived there on Friday and after I checked in, I went straight to the exhibition. I kind of forget the price but I think it was almost 20 GBP. There, there were many props that GoT used such as the sword, the clothes etc. You could also listen to the story behind the props from the crew. It was awesome! I, of course, bought many merchandises from the exhibition. Spent. Lots. Of. Moneeeeehh. Eh. It’s fine, right? Hahaha

Jaime Lannister’s hand
The Purple Wedding

On Saturday morning, I left the room for my first tour. The Winterfell Tour! WOOOOOP. There were many people joined the tour and we went there with a bus. The journey took some time and on the road, we watched the GoT behind the scene. Such a fun tour with people who love GoT! We arrived at the Winterfell and wow, looks smaller than I imagine! So the team did some CGI in the production (of course) but what actually amazed me is how they could see something and think “ok! This is it! The castle! The perfect place” I used to make short films etc back in uni but I cant imagine seeing a place or something here and there and think yeah it’s perfect for this scene. Awesome. They also used the same location for different scenes but hey, never really realized that! When we visited the filming locations, the guide showed a before after CGI picture and we watched the scene together. At the end of the tour, we watched an episode from GoT together which was amazing!

The Stark’s Dining Room
Stark, assembleeeee!

On Sunday morning, I got up early again and went to my second tour. The Iron Island. Wooop. Theon Greyjooooy! At first I wanted to back out because when I went to the tour on Saturday, the wind was pretty strong which made it hard for me. It was really cold. And to be honest, the Greyjoy is not my favorite (though I love Theon’s character development!). But then I thought, heck lets do it. In this tour, we went to some other places which are not in the GoT like Carrick-a-Bridge. The wind, just like the other day, was so strong, so we could not use the bridge so we could only look. OH THANK GOD I WAS SO AFRAID OF HEIGHT. But still, the view was beautifully breathtaking. I was a bit surprised to know that not many people know Belfast after I went there because damn, Northern Ireland is beautiful. And I only visited couple of place! Just like the previous tour, we saw the before after CGI and watched the scene.

Greyjoy squad

I really really enjoyed the tour! The guides were nice and it was really cool to talk to them. Especially if you wanna know the casts and crew behind the film. They told us story about how they film it, how they got casted, etc. Oh yeah, we got to wear some props like the Stark’s cloak, sword, the Greyjoy’s clothes etc. AWESOOOMEEE. Yep. For someone who loves GoT that much I flew to Belfast after I was hospitalized for 1 week, it was THAT awesome!

So guys, if you wanna try to do this tour, I am really recommending it. It was really fun! Especially if you enjoy GoT! And you could explore Northern Ireland as well, I find it beautiful. Really beautiful!



Travel Safety: Mind Your Belonging

Hey you guys!

It’s been a long time since the last time I updated my blog hahaha. So recently I just went to the UK (yeaaaay). I just fulfilled one of my bucket lists! Anywaaaay I’ll talk about it later. Yea yea I have at least 2 posts that I haven’t posted

Alrighty then let’s talk a bit about your safety. Yepp travel safety. No no, this is not because my background is from health and safety. Well maybe just a little heee. But this is also from my experience.

So during my travel to the UK, I lost my wallet. I lost it in Belfast, until now I’m not sure whether I dropped it or someone stole it. After I finished my GOT tour, I decided to dropped by Tesco and bought some food. I’m pretty sure I put my wallet in my rucksack as I put the change, 17 pence, in my pocket.

Anyway, I walked to the hostel, around 1 km from Tesco, then went to the kitchen. At first it was only me in the kitchen and I just put my bag on the table. Then I saw my roommate and waved frantically hahaha and by that time there was another person in there beside me and my roommate.

So anyway I still left my bag on a table (stupid right) and talked then cooked with her. The other person then went out. Then when I grabbed my bag, I realize I lost my wallet. But then I still try to act calm. I went to my room and searched my wallet. I let out all of my belongings from my bag and hope that I could find it. But no. Nothing. I went back to the kitchen and ate the dinner. Still trying to act (or look) calm. Then I went to Tesco again and asked whether I left my wallet anndd noooo there was nothing as well.

By that time, I started to panic a bit. I still tried to calm myself down and thought of any possible solutions. Then I thought, okay I still have my e banking and so I could just send the money to my roommate and asked her to withdraw it. TIDAK SEMUDAH ITU FULGOSO (Not that easy, Fulgoso; Fulgoso is the name of Marimar’s dog – a telenovela that showed on TV when I was a kid haha). She doesn’t know her bank account number. Yep. Dead. I needed to go back to London the next day and I needed at least 8 pounds for the bus.

She does not have much money either BUT she is soooo kind to actually give me 16 pounds :”””” FAITH IN HUMANITY IS RESTORED! Because of her I could go to the airport. But then, another issue was not solved yet. How can I go to London from Stansed?! What about food and everything?

I asked my friend’s friend, let’s call him Nuel, to store my luggage in his place before I went to Belfast. Becauseeee I flew with Ryan Air and bought no storage. I can’t call him and asked for a help because I don’t wanna bother him and I just met him once. And i was afraid that he will tell my friend, then it would cause an uproar back at the office. So, I hopelessly called my friend who studied in Newcastle. She apparently was in London that time but will fly to Paris the next day.

Miraculously, she knows my college friend who is currently studying her Master in London. And guess what, SHE WAS AT HER PLACE! I totally forgot that my college friend studied in the UK. LIKE WHOA. So she gave the phone to my friend, her name is Tita and Tita, if you’re reading this, I love you :”) thanks for saving me. So she told me that she would order an Uber for me to go to her place ah I am so relieved.

I actually already booked a room for my second week in London but the hostel canceled my booking on the day of my flight back to London. So I asked Tita if I could stay at her place. Luckily she has this nice sofa in the living room where I could sleep :”) I then decided to cancel all of my plan to go around South East England because my mood was kinda ruined and I had to spend more money than my actual budget

So guys, traveling is not always full of the joys of spring. Some bad things might happen, in my case I lost my wallet. Again, I’m not blaming anyone or anything, it’s pure because I didn’t pay enough attention on my surroundings. So please, be careful and stay alert during your travel. DONT ever leave your belongings unattended. I was lucky I separated my ID cards and other important card on separate wallet. I was lucky my passport was still with me. If it lost then I would definitely panicking.



Pengalaman Mengurus VISA Inggris (UK) Sendiri

Hey you guys!

So I’m going to talk in Bahasa again since it’s related to VISA Application. Bahasa in 3.. 2.. 1..

Yak, mari kita obrolin cara urus visa Inggris. Urus VISA Inggris gampang apa susah? Ada minimal tabungan ga? Syaratnya apa aja? Berapa lama? Daaaan banyak pertanyaan lainnya

Kalau ditanya urusnya gampang apa susah sih menurut gue gampang gampang aja. Sama kayak urus VISA Australia kemarin (cek Mengurus VISA ke Australia Sendiri: Gampang gak sih? untuk post tentang VISA Aussie yaa). Ya memang ada beberapa perbedaan pasti, tapi urusnya gampang kok.

Dulu pernah baca di internet kalo urusin VISA UK itu ribet bet ribet, banyak yang ditolak, lama pula. Katanya kalau mau cepet, 2 minggu kelar, harus pake layanan prioritas kalo gak ya 12 minggu. Wassalam kan gue baca begitu pengen pergi April biar nonton Game of Thrones di tempat shootingnya (impian gue emang dangkal geng) tapi harus beburu buat visa. Oh waw.

Demi impian (dangkal) gue untuk ke Winterfell, gue pun niatin diri untuk ciao ke UK (iya gue tau, orang mah pengennya ke London gue mah cuma nonton GoT iya dangkal iyaaaa). Kita mulai dari awal mula gue mau urus yaa sesudah gue baca baca sana sini

1. Form Online dan Pembayaran VISA

Naah kalo misalnya VISA Aussie, kalian download form nya terus diisi pake tulis tangan atau edit PDF kan, kalau U.K. beda geng. Jadi kayak kalo kalian lamar kerja gitu, isi pertanyaan-pertanyaan yang diajuin online yang nanti nya itu akan jadi form kita.

Register dulu akun kalian di GOV.UK terus ikutin aja step-stepnya. Nanti setelah kalian selesai isi form onlinenya, kalian akan disuruh untuk bayar VISAnya. Berapa tuh? Tergantung kalian apply untuk berapa lama, gue kemarin apply untuk 6 months visa jadinya gue bayar 125 USD.

email bukti pembayaran

Abis itu, kalian bisa download file yang isinya adalah pertanyaan dan jawaban form online (ini ga perlu kalian bawa ke appointment ya tapi boleh dibawa aja untuk jaga-jaga), checklist documents yang harus dibawa saat appointment (dokumen ini juga harus dibawa ya), bukti bayar VISA (ini gue bawa juga sih ke VFS).

Nah disini kalian bisa buat appointment dengan VFS, gue kemarin di VFS Global Kuningan City karena gue tinggal di Jakarta. Kalian bisa reschedule sampai H-1 kalau ga reschedule terus ga dateng, itungannya kalian udah apply VISA jadi uang ga bisa di refund. Gue kemarin sih reschedule berkali-kali hahahah karena gue belum siapin dokumennya hahaha. Gue selalu ambil appointment paling pagi karena dua hal, biar sepi dan gue harus kerja juga sih hahaha

2. Dokumen

Inget yaaa dokumennya harus dalam bahasa inggris

a.) Paspor yang masih berlaku (mandatory)

Kalau dari checklist kemarin, dokumen yang harus kalian bawa adalah paspor yang masih berlaku sisanya cuma dokumen pendukung

b.) Dokumen pendukung lain

Sebisa mungkin bawa aja selengkap yang kalian bisa, kemarin dokumen pendukung yang gua siapin itu:

  • Paspor Lama – karena gue pernah perpanjang paspor dan disitu ada VISA Schengen. Pas disana sih yang diminta cuma fotokopi VISA Schengen sama halaman depan
  • Informasi tentang kunjungan kalian – gue submit itinerary yang super singkat (haha), bukti booking hostel dari Booking.com (di site ini bisa book tanpa bayar by the way)
  • Bukti pekerjaan saat ini – bukti kalau gue lagi bekerja yang filenya sama kayak pas gue apply ke Aussie (cek disini ya)
  • Keterangan tentang keuangan kalian – kemarin gue submit surat referensi bank. Cara dapetinnya tinggal dateng aja ke Bank terus bilang mau minta surat referensi. Kemarin gue pake Bank BNI dan biayanya 150k IDR. Kalau bank lain gue ga tau ya. Gue juga kasih rekening koran gue 3 bulan terakhir (walau yang ini BNI cuma ada bahasa indonesia)
  • Kartu Keluarga, KTP, dan Akte Kelahiran – gue juga masukkin 3 file ini (in English ya) kemarin tapi kayaknya ga terlalu penting. Di checklist ada data pendukung tambahan yang bisa kita masukkin sih yaitu keluarga yang masih tinggal di home country kita, jadi gue masukkin KK gue juga. Kalo kalian mau masukkin file ini, harus di translate sama sworn translator ya. Kemarin gue pake Indo Lingua yang ada di Cipete (emailnya: info@indo-lingo.com).

3. Appointment

Nah abis gue ambil nomer antri dan tunggu dipanggil, gue cuma perlu kasih semua dokumennya. Ga perlu kalian steples sih karena nanti nya kayak cuma di scan gitu terus semua filenya dibalikin lagi hahaha. Iya kemarin gue juga bingung kok.

Nanti kalian akan difoto dan ambil sidik jari disana, jadi kalian ga perlu bawa foto (gue bawa sih haha).

Abis itu tinggal tunggu aja email dari mereka. Kalau udah jadi nanti di email kok. Punya gue selesai dalam 7 hari kerja (appointment 16 Jan, jadi 25 Jan). Tapi ini variasi ya untuk kapan VISA kalian selesai, misalnya temen gue dulu 2 mingguan.

Kalau untuk minimal uang yang ada di tabungan sih ga ada pastinya ya karena di web mereka pun tidak meng-state itu. Terus perlu asuransi travel ga? Untuk apply visa tidak perlu yaa tapi baiknya kita tetap punya asuransi saat kita traveling 🙂

Nah, gampang kan buatnya? 😀 Do let me know if you have any question yaa 🙂