A not so long Ted Mosby’s search for soulmate (SPOILER ALERT)

Hey you guys!

Sooo today I’m going to rant (I rant a lot don’t I? Haha) about this TV series that has ended like years ago. Yeah you could guess from the title right? It’s How I Met Your Mother. And kids, this is why I think HIMYM ending is the best

Basically you could see from the start. Literally from the start of episode 1 how Ted falls in love with Robin. Ted loves Robin from the first time he met her. Love at the first sight at its finest. You could also see what Ted did for Robin from Season 1 to Season 9. Yeah. Everything. Everything Ted does is for Robin. So it is very clear that Ted loves her that much and it’s only Robin for him.

While we all know how Robin has this commitment issue right? Robin is sooo unsure about everything, she freaks out by the fact that Ted loves her way too much. I think Robin just afraid of getting hurt and we all know that her relationship with her father is not that good.

In season 9, i forgot which episode but it involved a balloon, we can see that Ted is letting go of Robin. In the previous seasons we all see how Ted tried to move on but he can’t. In the end, it’s always Robin. I think in that episode, Ted really is trying to let go of her for good. But deep down, it’s always her.

Don’t get me wrong, of course Ted loves Tracy, the mother. But his soulmate is Robin. Ted loves Tracy and the time he spent with her. But again, in the end it’s Robin guys.

In my opinion, the point of season 1-9 is Ted saying to his kids that he loves Robin, how he loves her so much and how he wants his kids to give him permission to ask Robin on a date. Yepp. All of these years, it’s all about Robin guys.

Just like Robin said, “if you have chemistry, you only need one other thing. Timing. But timing is a bitch” and she’s right guys. It took years for Robin and Ted to be together.

So what do you think?



A rant of thrones (SPOILER ALERT!)

Hey you guys!

Soooo season 8 of game of thrones has ended couple of weeks ago. There are 2 teams who are for and against it. Me? I’m in the against team. Oh this post contains spoiler, if you haven’t watched it please stop read it

I think for a two year filming, this season has disappoint me. The CGI and everything wrapped nicely but the story… why? Just why?

This post is full of my opinion so feel free if you disagree and want to talk about it with me more okay? 🙂

So anyway, I think the best episode in this season was the one where Brinne became a knight but the others? Eh. So so.

Okay so let’s begin:

I definitely hate the scene where Jaime and Brienne made love. Like heck? I don’t think (or maybe it’s just me) they made a hint here and there about Jaime’s and Brienne’s relationship being a romantic one. Like what? Jaime’s love to Cersei is undoubtedly real. He is willing to do anything for Cersei, which is the one who he loves. So that scene is definitely a no for me.

I also think that the episode of the Great War between human and night walker is so so weak. It’s very weak and too dark. I think the makers are trying to show that it was a really really dark dark night but hey, we can’t see anything so thank you Melissandre at least I can see couple of things because of you! You’re the real MVP here. If you ask me, I prefer Battle of The Bastards any day. Also, I hate that we basically get no story about the Night King and the Walkers. Like okay, so what’s the story behind it? They kept showing a bit scene here and there about the past in the previous seasons but they don’t tell the conclusion in the end. What? The Night King was killed waaaayy to easy as well. I’m very disappointed :/ we have been waiting for this war to happen and it’s so anti climax.

The Great War with Cersei was weak as well and there are couple of scenes that does not make any sense. Where Cleagane met The Mountain and about to fight? Dude, what the heck. Cersei was in the middle and she just walked by. What? That’s just so weird in my opinion. Cersei does not look cruel at all in this episode. Don’t get me wrong, I know Dany is going to be the Mad Queen in the end but I think they made it way too fast so many people hate the way the story is developed in season 8. If they want to make Dany The Mad Queen, they should make her experience more pain and lose more in the previous seasons. The character development for some characters was too weak or not acceptable I think.

The last episode. Well… anti freaking climax. Dany got killed way too fast, Bran became king of the Seven Kingdom (oh wait the Six Kingdom now) with this most annoying line “why do you think I came all this way?” Jon is sent to the Black Castle. The heeeeckk??? The story is just too hasty! The previous seasons’ stories were developed sloooowwwlyyyy which is why people keep complaining about the story in season 8.

Soooo, that’s what I thought about GoT Season 8. I am waiting for the books now because I’m pretty disappointed to be honest. Still though, thank you Game of Thrones for all of these 10 years. I do enjoy watching this series though I kinda complaint about the season 8

But again, this is all just my opinion. You are free to have your own opinion in this matter. Feel free to leave me some comments to talk about your opinion about game of thrones!




Getting my shit together: misconception of decluttering

Hey you guys!

So it’s been months since I updated this minimalism kind of thing project that I applied for myself huh? I’m still not sure if i should call it minimalism, zero waste, green living etc you name it. Let’s just call it “Project Me” since it’s a project that I applied to myself so I could getting better in anything really.

Alright so, remember that I suddenly decided to throw away my stuffs last November (check it here)? Yeaaa. That one. So after couple of months, I found that I have waaaayy too little clothes. I had a hard time every 2 weeks or so. You see, we do our laundry by ourselves but used a someone else’s service to iron them. Hence, sometimes it could take a long time for them to deliver the clothes.

Why did this happen though? I believe this is because of 2 reasons. First, I gained weight so the clothes looked bad on me. Oh well, some of them didn’t fit anymore haha. Thus, I decided to say bye to them. Off to the box you go! I didn’t throw them away or donated them straight away. Why? Because I was afraid I might still need them. If I’m still looking for them, then I still need them. And apparently, I do.

Second, the misconception of having capsule wardrobe. After I decided to have this less stuffs kind of life, I followed many instagram accounts related to this lifestyle. And you guys, just look at those pictures. There are barely clothes in their wardrobe. Like what? 5 shirts, 3 shoes, 1 jacket. You name it. The picture looks pretty, but heck I can’t live with just that amount of clothes. For example, I love to exercise, there’s no way I can only live with 2 shorts. I could exercise at least 3 times per week so I need more sports gear. But guys, the obsession of making my wardrobe looks sooooo insta-worthy was there. Oh me and my unhealthy obsession. It’s not for the gram right? It’s for me. It’s called Project Me not Project Gram. Who cares if it doesn’t look insta-worthy. I’m not blaming the pictures or the accounts, no no. I just learned something about this “Project Me” and what I want and like.

After that, I took couple of my clothes back and keep them in my drawers. The ones that I keep are those that I was looking for when I barely had clothes to wear hahah while I donated the rest. Does it make my drawers untidy again? Of course not. What I learned is not to be afraid to keep some things though it does not look as pretty as picture in Instagram. It’s a picture on Instagram anyway, they could be stored the other stuffs somewhere outside of the pictures no? It’s called minimalism not barely-there lifestyle.