VISTA #13: Cheers to One Year!

Hey you guys! Soooo today is 23rd of September and this would be my official first year here in Germany! Wooo! At first I want to post the 7th post of the 30 days writing challenge (since I delayed it, again) but then again it's my first year so I just wanna talk about it.… Continue reading VISTA #13: Cheers to One Year!

VISTA #12: 18 hours

Hey you guys! It’s been a while since the last time I posted this Visual Story Saturday. Actually it's been a loooong time since the last time I actually update my blog. Well today I’m going to talk about my trip to Vienna, Austria last November 2019. Yea yea this COVID situation sucks, no? So… Continue reading VISTA #12: 18 hours

VISTA #11: COVID-19 and Cancelled Flights

Hey you guys! Sooo I am currently at home in Indonesia since mid February. My plan was to go back to Germany by 20 March but then everything turns into havoc (is it a correct situation to use the word in a sentence?). My initial flight got cancelled 2 days before departure since my flight… Continue reading VISTA #11: COVID-19 and Cancelled Flights