Working Out For “The Perfect Body”

Hey you guys!

I’ve been pretty occupied lately with packing etc. Eh, it took me a reaaaaalllllyy long time because I watched the CrossFit Games at the same time. Hahaha. Wow I cant believe it that I am going to move abroad soon. I hope my VISA is issued soon (praying real hard).

Yesterday I went to morning class (8 am). WOW. Morning. Class. What a rare sight of me going to the box at the morning right? And it was Sunday. I usually still on my bed, hugging my pillow by that time hahha. So lately, I have been working out at the box again and I noticed some things. My body of course started to change again due to working out, more proper sleep pattern/duration, kind of healthier diet etc. BUT I dont really pay attention to my body that much anymore now. Like okay, it changed that’s nice but it’s not my first priority anymore.

I wont lie. Of course I want that “perfect body” and I used to working out with that as my goal. My sole goal. But not anymore now! I find the changes in my body as a bonus. I, now, work out because I find it fun and it’s great for my health. Of course I still need to improve several aspects, for example my strength and endurance are still not that good but I am still working on it. Because I used to do it for “the perfect body,” when I didnt see the results, I just felt down and upset. Now, not anymore! I barely pay attention to those changes đŸ˜€



CrossFit Games 2019: Indonesia’s Very First!

Hey you guys!

So yesterday was the beginning of CrossFit Games 2019. Wooopp! This is actually the first time I watch the games. I’ve been doing CrossFit (on off) for a year now but this year I started to watch the game as well. The main reason why I’m so excited for CF Games this year is because it’s the first time that Indonesia competes with other athletes from all over the world


Our first time in CrossFit Games!

There are 2 athletes that passed the Open this year which are Mahendra Arditirta and Citra Ramaniya. Mahendra is from local box in Indonesia (CrossFit 6221) while Citra is based in Germany (CrossFit Limburg). Woooo you guys made Indonesia proud!

When I watched the game (sadly I didn’t watch all of them on the first day as I overslept, eh, time zone differences guys) I was really amazed. In my opinion the WODs were hard and the time cap was pretty short. I remember that on Men Event 1 Heat 1 (which Mahendra was in), there was only one athlete that finished the WOD which was Ben Smith from the US.

Kudos to all of the athlete! Around 50% have not passed the cut but hey, they are already the fittest from their countries and it’s such an amazing achievement for them to be able to compete on international competition. So again, congrats to all athlete that has passed the cut and also congrats to all athlete who has been able to compete in this game!



It’s (not) my first day!

Hey you guys!

I’m back to the cult! But since I’m going to move to Germany, I only bought the one month membership. But anywaaaay, I am baaackkk

Oh mate I just looooveeee being there at the box. It’s been months since the last time I went to the box and everyone was giving me high five and welcomed me to the box. The WOD was rather “light” according to the coaches (yea right). So it’s a 3 rounds of 800m (male) / 600m (female) run, 20 thrusters, 20 head to toe (scaled knee to chest; scaled: leg rise). I didn’t bring my gloves and guys, it’s been months since I actually exercise sooooo leg rise it is!

Why am I turning into a baby reindeer?!

In the morning I did jog-walk (more to walk though) for almost 3km. Then when I saw what the WOD is, I was like okay legs bear with me will ya. Lemme tell you, for someone who is soooo unfit that WOD was cray cray. I chose 5 kg for each hand for my thrusters. Eh I alwaaaayss use 5 kg hahaha. So anyway guys, when we did our warm up, the coach actually made us hold the squat for 10seconds and I was like trembling like a baby reindeer the heeeck is thisssss. Why am I turning into a baby reindeer?!

Eh I guess it’s just my body trying to adapt (AGAIN) and yelling the heck Kemmy?! You trying to be a baby reindeer that bad?! What are you Bambi?

Alright back to the WOD. The WOD time cap is 40 minutes but then the coach reduced it to 30. Eh. Okay. I don’t know if I could finish it. Lol. Baby reindeer. When I did the thrusters on the first round, I was like. The. Heck. Is. This. Aren’t they 5kg?! Why on earth are they so heavy? And my legs… why are they turning into jello already now? Why? Why? Whyyyy? So many why.

To my surprise, I finished the WOD at 21 minutes 17 seconds. Oh. Wow. Miracle. I really thought I was not gonna be able to finish the whole thing. But hey! Look! I did it! Yeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaa

and now my legs are dying.

Will I exercise again tomorrow? Most certainly, yes! Oooh so excited!

Well if you excuse me now I’m going to be a baby reindeer till God knows when