How To Make Friends While Traveling Solo

Hey you guys!

You know what I like about traveling? Well, one of them is making friends! I find it easier to make new friends while I’m traveling solo. Many people think that if you travel solo, you’re alone all the time, completely alone and lonely and so on. But, hey that is not true! I was hardly ever alone! Really!

Many people think that if you travel solo, you are alone all the time, completely alone and lonely. But, hey that is not true! I was hardly ever alone!

There are endless opportunities to meet people when you’re traveling solo and it’s not that hard 🙂 But the problem is it is hard for many people to form a new friendship when they are alone and I know guys, it is outside of your comfort zone. Because it is out of my comfort zone too. Sometimes I get shy and behave nicely in front of someone that I don’t know so maybe some people think that I’m rigid or something. Well, I am far from that.

So, how do I make friends?

1. Use the traveling card

If you are shy and don’t know what to talk about, well good thing you have at least one thing in common – traveling! Lately, I’ve been very very chatty even to strangers. But sometimes I just don’t have any topic to talk about. For example, when I went to Fraser Island with a tour. I started my day really really early, so I left the hostel at 5.40am ish. Don’t blame me, I am not a morning person. I did not have my coffee that morning and my brain was not functioning properly. A guy sat beside me and silence feels so weird and uncomfortable when you sit together right? I meant, you are going to spend the day with this guy. So, what did I ask? Yep. Traveling. “Are you traveling alone?” I know it sounds silly as he was alone. I know. But hey, from that topic, we went from awkward silent to a chatty convos!

2. Stay in hostel dorm

I find it easier to make friends if I stay in a hostel. Why? Easy. Common room and you got to have roommate there. Well, if you are shy, you could start from your roommates. Use the traveling card or any topic you want to start your convos. I got a travel friend from staying in a hostel. Well, soon to be travel friend! After you introduce yourself, you or the other person will usually ask “Where are you from?” or whether you’re travelling alone or how long will you stay in this dorm/city/country or places that you’ve been to in this country/your country/other country etc. Since I stayed there for 2D3N, I got to talk to my roommates for couple of days. Apparently, she is going to visit Indonesia soon and guess who lives there? ME! So we decided to travel together when she comes here! Exciting isn’t it?

3. Consider a group tour

I know I know, some of you don’t like to do group tour. I don’t like it very much either. But, I must say it is very easy to make friends from group tour and hey there are some places that are not as easy to visit and sometimes you do find group tour makes your life easier. As I have mentioned earlier in number 1, I participated in a group tour back in Fraser Island. I also joined a group tour when I went to Blue Mountains. There were 10 people in the group tour. The tour guide gave us several options whether we wanna do a long walk (1-1.5 hour), medium walk (30-45 mins) or no walk at all and go with him to somewhere else. I decided to do the long walk and there were 4 other people who decided to do it as well. 1 hour is a loooong time so of course we got to know each other and bonded. We are still talking until now!

4. Ask questions! Take an interest in people

People loveee to talk about themselves (or is it just me? hahaha) Don’t be afraid to look stupid. Do ask many open-ended question such as “where else have you traveled to?” “what is the highlight of your trip so far? what makes it so good?” “what’s your favorite place/restaurant in this country/your country?” “how is it like in your hometown?” “are you taking a break from school/work or are you on holiday?”

5. Give everyone a chance

You will meet many many people with different backgrounds and cultures from all over the world. Everyone has something different to tell and to offer if you give them a chance 🙂

6. Don’t overthink and worry so much!

You don’t need a clever lines or convos to talk to people. Most people who are traveling are open-minded and they want to talk or seek people who are like them. They also want to meet new people along the way, just like you. Just be yourself and be confident!

7. The most important thing is to be safe!

Most people you met have good intentions and they do want to meet new people, broaden their network around the world and friendly. But do remember that there are some who mean harm to you. So, do use your best judgement. Listen what your guts tell you. Your personal safety is the most important thing.

Well guys, those are some tips that I could give based on my personal experience. So do you have any other tips based on your experience? Have you made some friends while traveling solo or with companion? Do leave some comments below, I’d love to hear your stories 🙂



Traveling Style: Do I have to do solo traveling?


Hey you guys!

So couple of days ago I went to Australia alone. One. Uno. Ein. Solo. Yep. I have seen many travellers do that even female travellers. I haven’t been to many places but usually when I go traveling I went with my brother or some members of my family or some friends.

The first time I travel “alone” was last year when I went to Lombok. I was not completely alone because I wandered around Lombok with a tour agency. On my first day, I was alone and I visited a beach not so far from my hotel and on the second day until I went back home I was with other people that were on the same tour. I think there were 8 of us. On this tour, they asked me if I always travel alone, well I met many people along the way before I met those guys and they also asked the same thing. Of course the answer was no and I told them that I never think of this trip as a solo traveling because I travel with a tour agency. The next common question was, “aren’t you feeling lonely or something?” Well, I was not feeling lonely or anything. I meant I was with them right? Also, I could always make new friends during traveling and that is the fun in it!

Alright so back to my solo traveling to Australia. In my opinion, that was my first real solo traveling experience. I did go to some places with a tour agency if I think that it is hard for me to get there alone. Being a solo traveler of course has it upside and downside. Well, everything has them. I always like to make new friends during traveling, talk to local people etc etc. So being a solo traveler was great for me. The downside? Well, when I got lost I have no one to “share” the experience with so I was miserable all by myself hahaha

Everyone is different. You don’t have to feel “pressure” to do something that looks cool or in trend

But the real question is, should YOU do solo traveling? The answer is depends on what you like. Everyone is different, some like to do backpacking style, some prefer to use luggage, some likes traveling alone and some likes some companions during their journey. And it’s all fine! You don’t have to feel “pressure” if some people like to do certain stuffs and it looks cool or in trend or something. But if you do want to try it, do some research about solo traveling, what to expect, the upside and downside, what should you prepare etc.

You know yourself better, so just travel the way you feel you most comfortable with!

So tell me, how do you usually travel? What travel style or personality are you? 🙂