VISTA #8: Public Butt

Hey you guys!

It’s VISTA time! Oh how I love blabbering on the internet to some random people that I dont know. Hahaha. Today I am going to share a little bit of my trip to Japan.

As you all know (probably not all of you though), I went to Japan last May-June. My family and I decided to go to Hiroshima because we wanted to see the Atomic Bomb Dome and also Miyajima Island, which is very very beautiful. But that’s another story to tell, now I want to talk a story before I went back to Tokyo.

So, before we went back to Tokyo we wanted to visit the Dome. So I took a shower in the morning. But because there was only 1 bathroom on each floor, I decided to went to another floor and took a shower there. Afterwards, I put on some clothes and turned off the lights. When I was about to get out and opened the bathroom door…. There, I saw it. A butt. Butt. Peach emoji. Butt. We get it Kem, you just saw a butt.

My brain told me to get back to the bathroom, say sorry and close the door. So I did that. Inside the dark bathroom, I was thinking. Why on earth I said sorry and stayed in this bathroom. I meant… I was about to go out and went back to my room. And he was the one who took off his pants on the corridor, in front of the bathroom. Yes, it was a man’s butt. I didnt see his face because I was facing the floor when that happened, hence what I saw. A butt. It was sooo awkward. I could not get out because I didnt know what to say or how to react if he was still outside. But if I kept staying in this dark bathroom, it would be so weird as well. If I turned on the lights, well… not really helping. Still a weird and awkward situation.

Fuck it. Imma gonna come out. So I opened the door and luckily he was not there. I think he was about to fix his pants or something but he never thought that someone was about to get out from the bathroom. I quickly went back to my room and get dressed before we left the hostel. I tried to keep quiet about this whole butt thing in front of my parents. Because if they found out they will get overly protective for some reason, get frantic and forbid me to travel alone again *insert upside down smiling emoji here* hahaha.

But hey, I told people on the internet instead hahaha



Hostel vs Hotel: Which one should you choose?

Hey you guys!

I’ve stayed in both hostel and hotel when I travel. Both have their upside and downside, obviously. But what makes you choose hostel or hotel anyway? For me, there are some consideration, which are:

1. Money Talks

I have never found a hostel room that is more expensive than a hotel room. I think because you will share a room with other people there. In Indonesia, I have found a hostel room in Bali for less than 10 USD. Very cheap huh? In many countries that I have been, I usually had to pay for at least 20-30 USD for female dormitory. I don’t even want to see how much will it cost me to rent a room in hotel hahaha. I meant, in Indonesia you will get a 3-Star Hotel for that price

2. Privacy

Of course that staying in a hotel gives you more privacy since you’ll have the room for yourself. While in hostel you will interact with others. Oh well if you want to of course. What I like about staying in hotel is that I could get out of the bathroom with only towel on and just lay on my bed and watch TV or something hahaha basically you could walk around naked and no one even care (since you are alone!)

3. Interaction and Cooking

Lets get real guys, during traveling it’s cheaper to cook. And that’s what I love about hostel. Kitchen. Most hostels provide a fully equipped kitchen which we can use to cook. It saves more money! Also, hostels usually offer some activities so traveler could interact with each other. Well, if not then just go to the common room and talk to someone there! Or even in the kitchen while you guys cook something and eat it together πŸ™‚ yeay meal friend! Well during my stay in a hotel, I have never made friend with anyone really. Oh well I did not talk to anyone. If I want to eat, it’s either I order some food (which is very expensive) or just find something outside like cup noodles and I’ll boil water in my room. Well you know, to save some money hahaha

4. The Amenities

Yepp hotels will offer you more amenities than hostel, obviously. Hotel usually provides swimming pool, gym etc while hostel provide their amenities in a social kind of way like common room. Well I meant you pay more for hotel anyway.

5. Safety

I’m not saying all hotel is safe and all hostel is not. But usually in a hotel, they will provide you with a safe where you could put your valuables there and you also will hold the key to your room yourself. No one will enter your room unless you give them permission. While in hostel, well since you have to share then many will come back and forth. So you need to be careful with your belongings. Some hostels provide a locker but some are not

It depends on what you want/like and your budget

So which one wins? It depends on what you want/like and your budget. If you prefer more privacy then hotel is your best choice but if you like to mingle with others and want to make friends, then choose hostel for a place to stay. For me, personally, I choose both. I like staying in a hotel as the staffs are spoiling you and serving you well. If I want to save more money or my intention is getting more friends, then I’ll choose hostel.

Which one do you prefer? Do you find hotel or hostel better? Leave me some comments! πŸ™‚



VISTA #1: Pooping in peace

Hey you guys!

As I have promised before, I am going to share VISTA every Saturday. So this is my first VISTA yeaaaay!!!

So, my latest trip was a solo travel to Australia. I managed everything by myself from flight tickets, itinerary, budget, accommodation etc. So, my first destination was Sydney and I stayed in a hostel called MadMonkey Backpackers Hostel. You could check out my post about this hostel here.

The view from the toilet #ToiletViewGoals :p

It’s like a live music with a nice view “restaurant” for me

When I first arrived there, I was mesmerized by the view that I got from the toilet. It was so pretty! Since it was autumn there, so the leaves started to turn brown. You know what, I always, always, went to the toilet though I didn’t have to go. You know, just to enjoy the view that the toilet has offered hahaha. I know this is stupid but I once brought my food there and ate thereΒ and enjoyed the view while eating and listening to the music from those clubs across the street. It’s like a live music with a nice view “restaurant” for me hahahha oh my god that’s bad I know. Since the neighbourhood was so lively, I also liked to go to the toilet at night. Watching people roaming around the street, some were sober some were drunk, looking at the clubs across the street, etc.

I can never get bored of the view. I love the hostel very much! The neighbourhood, the location that is sooooo near to the train station which made my life much much easier! Oh God I just love Sydney and Australia overall. If I got a chance to live there, I won’t hesitate not even one second.

Have you ever mesmerized by the view that a toilet has offered like me? Hahaha. Do leave me some comments below πŸ™‚