I’m going back to the cult!

Hey you guys!

So now that I have no job (until I start my uni) I’m planning to go back to the cult. Uh huh. The box.

I am so excited to actually come back to the box. I just love the CrossFit community. I have talked about how much I love it on several posts like Paying to get hurt or Happy burpeeday! Jelly legs, wide smile: How the box celebrate my birthday or Welcome To The Cult. Ah yeah basically I have this love hate relationship with CrossFit. I hate burpees, wallball etc but heck I keep coming back to the box! It’s the community I swear! They are sooo inspiring and no one judge you there.

Just like my coach said, just come and train!



Is it just me or are you getting taller?

Hey you guys!

So recently I’ve been getting a question whether I’m getting taller. You see, as far as I know, once puberty ends you can’t get taller. And heck, I’m 100% sure I am not on puberty period. Hahaha.

Anyway, I never realized it myself I feel like I’m just like before you know. Same old 154/155cm short kind of girl. I also thought that maybe people say that because they haven’t met me for a while like 1 year or so, maybe? But then, even my close friends whom I meet regularly also said the same thing.

Then I read that exercise can makes you taller or looks taller at least. I’m pretty sure it’s related with my posture so probably I used to kind of hunching my back and now I don’t. The way I stand and walk are different now hence my posture is better than before. So I look taller now. I’m still not sure about the getting taller part as I haven’t measured my height. Though I’m pretty sure it is still the same old number.

I also read that some types of exercise will make you look leaner by building those lean muscle. That way you will also look taller.



Cancelled 5k

Hi you guys,

So previously I posted a post that I am going to participate in 5k run. But then, one day before the event, I got a really high fever I even talked in my sleep. So I decided not to force myself and just focused on recovery. Weirdly enough, I went to the doctor twice and both of them said that I was fine. However, on the third day, I started to have spasms and the high fever was still there.

My parents then took me to another hospital (so this is my 3rd doctor hahah). Apparently I got typhoid fever, dengue fever and lack of calcium though I drink milk everyday. The doctor told me that it’s because I drank coffee as well. I can’t deny it, I drink way too much coffee hehe

I was really bumped because I trained (not that hard, but I still did) for this event. But again, my health is my number 1 priority and knowing when to stop and not forcing myself are the lessons that I learnt from this. I don’t ever want to be hospitalized anymore… those needles and everything… just, no…

So you guys, it’s okay to stop and to take a rest for a moment. It’s better to do it rather than forcing yourself because it’ll jeopardize your health. At least that’s what I learnt from this!