Bucketlist Checked: Game of Thrones Tour

Hey you guys!

I posted about my 2019 travel plan previously and said that I want to go to U.K. and Japan. Glad to say that I have fulfilled my wish to go there! Yeaaayy! I also mentioned that I wanted to visit Game of Thrones filming locations as my bucketlist, and some of them, including the studio, are in Northern Ireland hence why I went to Belfast!

From Indonesia, I already booked the tour. So I booked the tour from Game of Thrones Tour. I booked 2 tours from the website which are Belfast Winterfell and Belfast Iron Island (which included Giant’s Causeway and Rope Bridge Adventure). It costed 50 GBP for each tour. Oh and the guides were actors from Game of Thrones!

I was staying in Belfast and the hostel’s name is Belfast International Youth Hostel. I usually book my accommodation from Booking.com as I could pay it later and most of the hostel/hotel offer a no charge cancellation fee. Do click the link if you wanna book the hostel or check the review. I will probably review the hostel in my other post 🙂

Anywaaay guys, lets talk about the tour itself now shall we? Oh wait before that, I want to talk about the GoT exhibition that was being held in Belfast! I arrived there on Friday and after I checked in, I went straight to the exhibition. I kind of forget the price but I think it was almost 20 GBP. There, there were many props that GoT used such as the sword, the clothes etc. You could also listen to the story behind the props from the crew. It was awesome! I, of course, bought many merchandises from the exhibition. Spent. Lots. Of. Moneeeeehh. Eh. It’s fine, right? Hahaha

Jaime Lannister’s hand
The Purple Wedding

On Saturday morning, I left the room for my first tour. The Winterfell Tour! WOOOOOP. There were many people joined the tour and we went there with a bus. The journey took some time and on the road, we watched the GoT behind the scene. Such a fun tour with people who love GoT! We arrived at the Winterfell and wow, looks smaller than I imagine! So the team did some CGI in the production (of course) but what actually amazed me is how they could see something and think “ok! This is it! The castle! The perfect place” I used to make short films etc back in uni but I cant imagine seeing a place or something here and there and think yeah it’s perfect for this scene. Awesome. They also used the same location for different scenes but hey, never really realized that! When we visited the filming locations, the guide showed a before after CGI picture and we watched the scene together. At the end of the tour, we watched an episode from GoT together which was amazing!

The Stark’s Dining Room
Stark, assembleeeee!

On Sunday morning, I got up early again and went to my second tour. The Iron Island. Wooop. Theon Greyjooooy! At first I wanted to back out because when I went to the tour on Saturday, the wind was pretty strong which made it hard for me. It was really cold. And to be honest, the Greyjoy is not my favorite (though I love Theon’s character development!). But then I thought, heck lets do it. In this tour, we went to some other places which are not in the GoT like Carrick-a-Bridge. The wind, just like the other day, was so strong, so we could not use the bridge so we could only look. OH THANK GOD I WAS SO AFRAID OF HEIGHT. But still, the view was beautifully breathtaking. I was a bit surprised to know that not many people know Belfast after I went there because damn, Northern Ireland is beautiful. And I only visited couple of place! Just like the previous tour, we saw the before after CGI and watched the scene.

Greyjoy squad

I really really enjoyed the tour! The guides were nice and it was really cool to talk to them. Especially if you wanna know the casts and crew behind the film. They told us story about how they film it, how they got casted, etc. Oh yeah, we got to wear some props like the Stark’s cloak, sword, the Greyjoy’s clothes etc. AWESOOOMEEE. Yep. For someone who loves GoT that much I flew to Belfast after I was hospitalized for 1 week, it was THAT awesome!

So guys, if you wanna try to do this tour, I am really recommending it. It was really fun! Especially if you enjoy GoT! And you could explore Northern Ireland as well, I find it beautiful. Really beautiful!



A rant of thrones (SPOILER ALERT!)

Hey you guys!

Soooo season 8 of game of thrones has ended couple of weeks ago. There are 2 teams who are for and against it. Me? I’m in the against team. Oh this post contains spoiler, if you haven’t watched it please stop read it

I think for a two year filming, this season has disappoint me. The CGI and everything wrapped nicely but the story… why? Just why?

This post is full of my opinion so feel free if you disagree and want to talk about it with me more okay? 🙂

So anyway, I think the best episode in this season was the one where Brinne became a knight but the others? Eh. So so.

Okay so let’s begin:

I definitely hate the scene where Jaime and Brienne made love. Like heck? I don’t think (or maybe it’s just me) they made a hint here and there about Jaime’s and Brienne’s relationship being a romantic one. Like what? Jaime’s love to Cersei is undoubtedly real. He is willing to do anything for Cersei, which is the one who he loves. So that scene is definitely a no for me.

I also think that the episode of the Great War between human and night walker is so so weak. It’s very weak and too dark. I think the makers are trying to show that it was a really really dark dark night but hey, we can’t see anything so thank you Melissandre at least I can see couple of things because of you! You’re the real MVP here. If you ask me, I prefer Battle of The Bastards any day. Also, I hate that we basically get no story about the Night King and the Walkers. Like okay, so what’s the story behind it? They kept showing a bit scene here and there about the past in the previous seasons but they don’t tell the conclusion in the end. What? The Night King was killed waaaayy to easy as well. I’m very disappointed :/ we have been waiting for this war to happen and it’s so anti climax.

The Great War with Cersei was weak as well and there are couple of scenes that does not make any sense. Where Cleagane met The Mountain and about to fight? Dude, what the heck. Cersei was in the middle and she just walked by. What? That’s just so weird in my opinion. Cersei does not look cruel at all in this episode. Don’t get me wrong, I know Dany is going to be the Mad Queen in the end but I think they made it way too fast so many people hate the way the story is developed in season 8. If they want to make Dany The Mad Queen, they should make her experience more pain and lose more in the previous seasons. The character development for some characters was too weak or not acceptable I think.

The last episode. Well… anti freaking climax. Dany got killed way too fast, Bran became king of the Seven Kingdom (oh wait the Six Kingdom now) with this most annoying line “why do you think I came all this way?” Jon is sent to the Black Castle. The heeeeckk??? The story is just too hasty! The previous seasons’ stories were developed sloooowwwlyyyy which is why people keep complaining about the story in season 8.

Soooo, that’s what I thought about GoT Season 8. I am waiting for the books now because I’m pretty disappointed to be honest. Still though, thank you Game of Thrones for all of these 10 years. I do enjoy watching this series though I kinda complaint about the season 8

But again, this is all just my opinion. You are free to have your own opinion in this matter. Feel free to leave me some comments to talk about your opinion about game of thrones!




Travel Bucketlist #1: Game of Thrones

Hey you guys!

So I realize that I’ve not posted many travel posts lately. I’m so sorry! I actually have many things to post (if you could see my drafts you’ll know) but I just haven’t finished them. Oops so sorry! Oh and I’m sorry I’m supposed to post VISTA but I haven’t really touched my personal Laptop lately. I’ve been pretty tired with some stuffs.

Dum dum dumdum dum dum dum dum dum dum dumdum dum dum (let’s pretend that this is Game of Thrones soundtrack)

Anyway guys, I’m so excited as I’m planning to save up my money to have this Game of Thrones Tour! Yeaay so I am one of GoT fans and I really reaaaaallly wanna visit the filming location of GoT. As GoT has many places and countries as their shooting places, I might need a long time to go to every place. Well if I can’t visit all of them, at least I wanna visit some.

Source: http://thefairytaletraveler.com/2017/07/12/game-of-thrones-filming-locations-northern-ireland/20170331_144139-1000×750/

My first stop would be Ireland. There, I could visit many places such as Winterfell, Kingsroad, Castle Black etc. Oh just thinking about it is making me soooooo excited! But since it’ll cost me a lot of money so I will probably need to save up for quite some times. Maybe next year or in 2 years? I also want to go to the U.K. since God knows when hahaha but seriously the flight tickets are expensive. When I went to Australia it costed me around 350 – 420 USD for return tickets while for the U.K. hmm well that amount of money probably only get you one-way ticket hahaha

Other countries where GoT was filmed are Spain, Croatia, Malta, Iceland etc. So as you can see there are many countries that I need to visit to see where GoT was filmed. I also want to visit other places in those countries though so not only GoT scenes. So yep I still have a long way to go hahaha

So anyway guys, this is one of my travel bucketlist. I have other things as well that I wanna do or visit and I will share the others soon 🙂 Is Game of Thrones Tour one of your Travel Bucketlist? Have you visited those places? Or do you have other things in your bucketlist? What are they? I’m excited to know! Do leave me some comments below 😀