VISTA #13: Cheers to One Year!

Hey you guys!

Soooo today is 23rd of September and this would be my official first year here in Germany! Wooo! At first I want to post the 7th post of the 30 days writing challenge (since I delayed it, again) but then again it’s my first year so I just wanna talk about it. Aaaand it’s not Saturday but here I am posting VISTA. This one is an exception :3 wuwu

I have posted some of the journey and the process for me to actually go to Germany but this post would be dedicated to my first day and first year. I arrived in Germany, in Hamburg to be precise, on 23 Sept. Before I flew here, I contacted my close friend, Keno – who lives in Munich, about my plan. Yep, he knew the process from the beginning (applying for school etc). He told me that he wanted to pick me up. And he really did that. Can you imagine, a 15 hour bus ride from Munich to Hamburg right after he just finished work? Damn. I can imagine how tired he was. Afterwards, we went to Kiel together. Sooo another one hour ish bus ride for him.

The hotel room where I stayed with Keno

He stayed with me for 3 days and 2 nights. I rent two rooms in a hotel well.. it upset him though hahaha he told me that we could save some money if we just rent airbnb or he could actually decide on better location. The location was not that bad but I agree that we could save some money if we just rent airbnb hahahaha. I just felt bad when he said that he wanted to pick me up so I paid for the rooms without telling him. And yea, that upset him again ahahhaha. Oh well

Anyway, on the second day I took care of my enrolment, bank account and health insurance. Of course, Keno was there with me all the time and helped me with stuffs. It was also my very first time to go to IKEA. We have IKEA back in Indonesia but I have never visited it.

First picture of Kiel right after I arrived ❤

After Keno went back home, everything felt different. It was the first time I actually realised I am on my own now. All alone. To be honest, it felt kinda weird because I am not the type who likes to rely on others. At that point, I realised that I took everyone for granted back at home. I have never felt alone because they are there. Not always right beside me but everyone, friends or family, will be there if I need them. And yea, my first couple of months in Germany were not very great. I managed to get some friends that I hang out regularly but something is missing. I guess I missed home at that time and hence I was so happy when my former colleagues visited Europe. Also, I am not sure what triggered it or if I already have this since long time ago but was not diagnosed, I kept getting nightmares to the point I could not sleep. So yea, things were rough.

You are lucky that you always have someone wherever you go

Keno to me in 2019

But hey, there are also many great things! I have this circle that I am very close to. I mentioned about them couple of times as well. They are from various countries and we study different subjects here. How do we meet each other? Who knows hahaha. I kept getting that question though. We call ourselves “The Herd,” well we kept changing the name on WhatsApp group but the name “Herd” always stay. It is kinda sad because some of them are back to their countries (ERASMUS students), some went to other places (doing ERASMUS) and some are still stuck in their home country due to corona. But we still talk to each other, either on the group, personal chat or other social media. We also like to play games and talk on Discord so it is fun! Ah I miss them.

Oh, I also have a really small circle with my fellow Indonesians. Yep, who else but Arki and Hanif hahaha. Last Friday we went to Berlin and I felt so bad it looked like I was in a badmood (I was). I was not upset with them but I had stye in my eyelid it was so painful to blink, to close my eyes or even to open my eyes and see. Dammit what do you waaaant.

Keno once said to me that I am lucky that I always have someone wherever I go. And he is right. Cete also said similar thing: you’re lucky you found someone, heck more than one person even, right away after you arrived here. It took me long time to get close to someone. I have Keno and Cete (my former senior back in uni) who already know me for years. I have Arki and Hanif who are right next to me. And, of course, the herd, who are umm spread around various countries? Hahaha. Oh well, some are still here though.

So yea, my first year in Germany is full with colours. Sometimes it’s gloomy and dark but sometimes it’s just full of colourful bright colours. It’s not always great living here where you dont know many people, but just like Keno has said, I always have someone wherever I go.



VISTA #11: COVID-19 and Cancelled Flights

Hey you guys!

Sooo I am currently at home in Indonesia since mid February. My plan was to go back to Germany by 20 March but then everything turns into havoc (is it a correct situation to use the word in a sentence?).

My initial flight got cancelled 2 days before departure since my flight had a short layover (30 minutes) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and the government announced that they wanted to do a national lockdown. Then I rescheduled my flight with my friend to the next week, 27 March. We still used the same airline though by this time. So the next flight was supposed to fly from Jakarta to Singapore (transit for around 3-4 hours) then to Amsterdam (transit for 4-5 hours) and to Hamburg. But then couple of days before my departure, I saw that my flight from Amsterdam to Hamburg had been cancelled without any notification to me either via the airline apps nor email. Basically, no notification really.

I tried to find a solution in this problem, so I contacted my friend who currently lives in Leiden and told her that my flight was cancelled and I was planning to take train from Amsterdam to Hamburg. I saw that the train was still operating and I asked her if I could stay at her place if there is any problem suddenly comes up and I have to stay in the Netherlands. Alright, problem solved right? Right? Ohhohoho of course not.

Then 2 days before my departure, my friend told me that Singapore forbid any short term visitor including transit. Great. Now my flight from Jakarta to Singapore has been cancelled. But weirdly enough, my flight from Singapore to Amsterdam was not cancelled. Umm, excuse me? How can I get to Singapore again? Swim from Jakarta to Singapore? Wut? My flight from Jakarta to Hamburg was with the same airline and I bought the ticket directly from them and I am not sure why they didnt cancel my flight from Singapore to Amsterdam as well. Because of that I could not really do anything, I could not reschedule my ticket :/ sad. I tried to contact them but it is sooooo hard. Nothing gets through basically. Oh well, I can kind of understand but come on…. And now the refund is not in the form of cash but travel voucher, correct me if I am wrong but as far as I know, you could not do that and the passengers are entitled to have their money back.

After couple of days being confused on what to do and when should I go back etc, I finally decided to refund my ticket. I guess it’s better than to get nothing in return? Besides, I dont know how long the ban will last so rescheduling flight again and again is pointless in my opinion

I am now planning to go back to Germany by finding a direct flight from Jakarta to Amsterdam. Hopefully i can find one. Again guys I am not trying to speak ill of the airline or anyone really, I just vent my frustration basically.

I know this is a difficult time for all of us, I am sorry for spreading such negativity but I just need to let it all out guys, I really just wanna go back home as I still have my classes and yes of course I understand there are many with problem similar or even worse to me. Stay strong, stay safe, stay healthy and please do what the government told you to do. Stay at home, so they could do their job and lets hope and pray (if you guys believe in God) that this too shall pass soon.



Kuliah di Jerman: Curhatan kuliah setelah satu semester

Hey you guys!

Gue ganti judul yang tadinya “Kuliah di luar negeri” jadi “Kuliah di Jerman.” Kenapa? Biar lebih spesifik dan gak misleading aja gitu. Gak ada yang nanya sih Kem. Yaudah deh. (Apa sih ngomong sendiri)

Gue suka ditanya sama orang-orang, mau itu keluarga, temen atau beberapa orang yang kontak gue via DM instagram (iyes, feel free to contact me kalau kalian mau nanya-nanya. Gue akan jawab sebisa mungkin :3):

“Kuliah di Jerman gimana sih? Susah ga?”

Yaaaaa, gitu deh. Ga ngejawab emang.

Disclaimer dulu yaaa, gue cerita based on pengalaman gue sendiri jadi mungkin bisa beda-beda untuk tiap orang. Dan gue gatau tentang peliknya S1 di Jerman jadi gue ga akan ngomongin ini yes.

Sebetulnya untuk jawab susah atau gak itu agak susah sih buat gue karena menurut gue itu semua tergantung sama yang jalanin. Misalnya nih ya, menurut gue, gue masih bisa ngikutin pelajaran di kelas yah so far so good lah. Gue masih bisa membagi waktu buat main sama temen, baca buku (yang bukan pelajaran), olahraga, bolos kelas buat main poker pake gummy bear dan lain lain. Bahkan masih ada waktu buat ngegalau atau bingung mau ngapain (lebih tepatnya jadi galau ga jelas karena ga ada kerjaan). Kelas yang gue ambil juga lebih banyak dari rekomendasi dari dosennya (ambitchous aku tuh). Emang gue ambil yang menurut gue menarik dan emang pengen gue pelajarin kebetulan, eh taunya kebanyakan wkwkw. Yah alhamdulillah ga keteteran sih untuk semester 1 ini semoga lanjutannya juga ya hahaha.

Tapi ada juga yang bilang kuliah disini padet banget dan belajar bener-bener harus dari jauh-jauh hari, tugas banyak, pelajaran susah dan lain-lain. To be honest, my learning style is still the same, meratiin aja dosennya ngomong apa. Bukan berarti gue bilang kalo gue sombong ga belajar ya, emang tiap orang punya cara belajar beda-beda. Gue bukan tipe yang rajin review, tapi gue akan skimming notes gue sehari sebelum kelasnya. Dan kalau emang ada bahan bacaan yang harus dibaca, ya gue baca sehari sebelumnya biar bisa ikut diskusi.

Jadi jurusan lo santai banget apa gimana Kem?

Again, tiap orang beda-beda, tiap jurusan juga beda beda. Bisa jadi kalo gue ambil kuliah di jurusan lain gue ga akan ngerti apa yang mereka omongin. Sama halnya buat orang lain, kemungkinan bisa 2, antara mereka merasa apa yang gue pelajarin ini gampang dan santai banget, atau mereka keteteran.

By the way, disini itu bobot nilai untuk ujian itu 100% (seenggaknya untuk fakultas gue begitu ya). Emejing emang. Waktu awal gue liat liat silabus terus liat bobot ujian 100% rasanya aku mau mati saja~ ga ada dongkrak nilai pake tugas kayak pas gue S1 ahahahha matek. modar. isdet. die.

Sebelum gue curhatin ujian, gue mau curhatin background gue dan kuliah yang gue ambil. Jadi, gue sekarang kuliah manajemen lingkungan (in general bukan dalam kontek tempat kerja ya) tapi gue ga ada background lingkungan yang general. Background pendidikan dan pekerjaan gue itu K3 (Kesehatan Keselamatan Kerja) atau kalo di kantor kantor namanya HSE (Health Safety Environment). Background dan alasan gue ambil kuliah di jurusan ini bisa kalian baca di post lama gue ya.

Ujian disini agak beda sama di Indonesia. Bukan agak sih, emang beda banget. Jadi ada 3 periode ujian, kalian bisa pilih mau ujian di periode mana, dan kalau kalian gagal bisa ngulang atau remedial di periode ujian selanjutnya gitu. Kalian bisa remedial sampe 3 kali. Nah kalo kalian masih gagal juga di matkul yang sama setelah 3 kali coba, kalian dikasih kesempatan terakhir atau disini disebut “Joker” dan kalian cuma bisa pake kesempatan itu satu kali selama kuliah. Waw aku dikasih kesempatan lebih. Banyak kebebasan yang dikasih disini sampe bingung akutuuuu

Kebetulan matkul yang gue ambil ini ujiannya macem-macem. Ada yang presentasi individu, presentasi kelompok, ujian tulis, ujian oral, report, scientific poster (tugas kelompok). Dari semua paling dag dig dug itu menurut gue adalah ujian oral. Ya bok berasa sidang weeey. Jadi, gue ambil kuliah tentang “Environmental Planning and Environmental Economics”, waw keliatannya menarique, aku ambil ah. Itu apaan? Mana gue tau, gue kan ga ada background lingkungan wokwokwok tapi dia menarique. I’m drawn by that “economic” word. WQWQ dasar aku. Gue adalah orang yang gampang ter-distract alhasil suka daydreaming ga jelas atau doodling sampah pas kelas. Katanya tadi merhatiin Kem, kenapa sekarang malah ga jelas gini. Ah kamu.

Nah ujiannya itu oral exam, jadi gue bakalan duduk bareng 2 professor (iya 2 biji), yang satu yang ngajar planning yang satu yang ngajar economic. Terus nanti masing-masing dosen akan ngasih gue 1 pertanyaan terus gue dikasih waktu buat persiapan untuk merangkai jawaban. Abis ngejawab, nanti bakal ada pertanyaan sambungan dari jawaban kalian gitu aja terus sampe waktunya abis hahhaha. Terus nanti kita disuruh keluar soalnya mereka mau diskusi gimana menurut mereka tadi jawaban gue dan nentuin nilainya. Abis itu nanti kita dipanggil lagi ke dalem buat ngomongin kesan pesan (?) pas ujian abis itu dikasih tau nilainya. Nah jadi gitu kalo ujian oral, cem sidang.

Kemarin pas gue ujian oral, untuk pertanyaan planning gue dapet peta terus suruh jelasin kalo gue mau bikin nature protection area itu apa aja yang harus gue perhatiin, apa yang harus gue lakukan, apa juga yang harus gue lakukan kalo ada masalah dan sebagainya. WAW. PETA. WAW. Di saat itu juga aku merasa isdet lah aku. die. bhay. Gagal aja udah wk. Lalu meringis dalem hati. Semacam aku merasa aku mati, tapi di satu sisi gue tau dapet peta juga cukup memudahkan gue pas ngejelasin jawaban gue. Tapi ya, aing kan ngarep dapet pertanyaan lain. Untung masih dapet nilai bagus walau aku mau lebih karena aku ambitchous. Karena disini nilainya kebalik kayak di Indonesia (1 paling bagus), pas dikasih tau nilainya gue malah ceming karena ngira aing ga lulus wqwqwq. Ah dasar aku.

Yaaah kurang lebih gitu aja sih curhatan aing setelah satu semester kuliah. Ga berasa ya udah satu semester. Ah cepat sekali waktu ini berlalu~