Getting my shit together: misconception of decluttering

Hey you guys!

So it’s been months since I updated this minimalism kind of thing project that I applied for myself huh? I’m still not sure if i should call it minimalism, zero waste, green living etc you name it. Let’s just call it “Project Me” since it’s a project that I applied to myself so I could getting better in anything really.

Alright so, remember that I suddenly decided to throw away my stuffs last November (check it here)? Yeaaa. That one. So after couple of months, I found that I have waaaayy too little clothes. I had a hard time every 2 weeks or so. You see, we do our laundry by ourselves but used a someone else’s service to iron them. Hence, sometimes it could take a long time for them to deliver the clothes.

Why did this happen though? I believe this is because of 2 reasons. First, I gained weight so the clothes looked bad on me. Oh well, some of them didn’t fit anymore haha. Thus, I decided to say bye to them. Off to the box you go! I didn’t throw them away or donated them straight away. Why? Because I was afraid I might still need them. If I’m still looking for them, then I still need them. And apparently, I do.

Second, the misconception of having capsule wardrobe. After I decided to have this less stuffs kind of life, I followed many instagram accounts related to this lifestyle. And you guys, just look at those pictures. There are barely clothes in their wardrobe. Like what? 5 shirts, 3 shoes, 1 jacket. You name it. The picture looks pretty, but heck I can’t live with just that amount of clothes. For example, I love to exercise, there’s no way I can only live with 2 shorts. I could exercise at least 3 times per week so I need more sports gear. But guys, the obsession of making my wardrobe looks sooooo insta-worthy was there. Oh me and my unhealthy obsession. It’s not for the gram right? It’s for me. It’s called Project Me not Project Gram. Who cares if it doesn’t look insta-worthy. I’m not blaming the pictures or the accounts, no no. I just learned something about this “Project Me” and what I want and like.

After that, I took couple of my clothes back and keep them in my drawers. The ones that I keep are those that I was looking for when I barely had clothes to wear hahah while I donated the rest. Does it make my drawers untidy again? Of course not. What I learned is not to be afraid to keep some things though it does not look as pretty as picture in Instagram. It’s a picture on Instagram anyway, they could be stored the other stuffs somewhere outside of the pictures no? It’s called minimalism not barely-there lifestyle.



Getting My Shit Together: One Month Update

Hey you guys!

I tried to get my shit together last November 7th and it has been one month now. Seriously guys, after I tidy up my room, it usually only stays for hmm 2 weeks before it gets messy again hahaha. I am such a messy person.

So anyway, here’s the update of my life so far:

1. Room situation

I am proud to say that my room still looks the same! It’s hard to stick with the routine of clean things up right away or put things where they belong. Because face it, I am not an organized person.

2. Money money money: a not so haul, haul

I started to make a personal finance data. Just started this on 25th November though. I started it that day because that’s when I got my salary hahaha. I always set my monthly budget but never really stick to it. So let’s see if I could stick to it now. I always have some amount of money that goes to my savings and investments but I want to have more. Usually, after my monthly budget is used, I’ll use my savings :/ bad move Kem.

I realized that after I started to tidy up my life, I don’t buy much stuffs but again it’s been like what, only 2 weeks after I started to note my expenses. So I’ll update it later.

3. Where are my clothes at though?

Yeaaa… exactly. Where? So my family use this laundry service where they wash and iron our clothes. Well actually we wash them ourselves, we just asked them to iron our clothes. Since they have many customers as well, it could take a long time before I have them again. So now I’m struggling with that. I have been planning to wash and iron my clothes myself. Sorry, mom and dad. Maybe later after I finally get my shit together I could do that to my parents’ clothes as well.

4. Dress up!

Sooo my friends at work started to notice that I dress better lately. Yepp. So that’s one of my aims as well, to dress better. I usually go to work with only tshirt, jacket (because I can’t stand cold), jeans. Oh don’t forget wet, messy hair. Where are you working at though Kem? So I’m pretty proud of that achievement hahaha yes guys it is an achievement for me.

5. Skin Condition

My mom keeps saying that my skin looks much better. My dermatologist also says so. Basically I’m such a messy person my room is considered dirty as well. Cats fur, dust, etc. It’s not that I have that pile of junks in my room but it was dirty mate. I also ate like well, unhealthy. Very unhealthy. Lacks of water. I still have my coffee but drink more water as well. So now my skin feels smoother. Well apart from this allergic reaction on my skin and it’s so annoying :/

I hope I could stick with these routines 🙂 I feel so happy whenever I’m in my room and there are no mess/too much stuffs in it 😀



Error: No Refill Point/Station is Available

Hey you guys!

I started to see many people bring their own tumbler or water bottle now. I also start to bring my bottle everywhere. At first, I do it because I like to buy drinks outside. Especially coffee.

Then, since now I try to drink more water, I fill my bottle with water most of the times. I have no problem at work. Before I go to lunch, I always refill my bottle. After I have my lunch, I refill it again. No problem right?

But then, I realized that there is no refill station or point outside of my workplace. Nothing at the mall, on the street, park. Nothing. So, even if I bring my bottle and I want to drink water, I have to buy a plastic water bottle at the store. It’s pointless. I still use plastic and it won’t be a low waste act.

I really really hope that we could provide a refill station here not only at the airport. At least at the mall if many people find it dirty and doubtful if we have them at the park. It could help us to reduce plastic waste in Indonesia.