VISTA #14: Little things

Hey you guys!

It’s been a very very long time since I post VISTA here! So I want to post something related to my birthday.

Well, my birthday was on June but I wanna share something that I find really important. My close friend kept asking me what I want for my birthday. Months away from my birthday. As someone who rarely has desire or wish in anything really, I was really confused what to say. I kept telling him nothing but he kept asking me what I want. So I told him, “well, I’ll let you know if I suddenly want something.”

In the end, I didnt want anything.

I rarely want a physical thing to have. I dont buy new gadgets often but I usually just wait for my brother to give me his old phone. But I always find time is the most valuable thing that someone can give me. Well, my love language (in terms of receiving) is quality time (followed by act of service and physical touch in number 2). So, I asked my friend to give him his time for me. I want him to be with me the whole day.

Simple isnt it? But very expensive. Can you imagine what can you do for 24h? A lot. And I asked him to give me his time, wow my present was super expensive.

He was confused and said that it’s what we usually do at least every week.

There’s nothing special in it. I always hang out with you especially during the weekend.

Well yea, but for me it’s what makes it so special. I always appreciate his effort to spend time with me every week. For me, that’s a lot already.

So what did we do on my birthday?

The usual. Just hang out, watching movie and have lunch really. Well the only difference was that I bought something from my favorite restaurant and ate it at home with him.

So yea, I pamper myself a lot during my birthday with friend companionship and take away food.

Oh and of course, video call with my parents and brother! We did this small celebration with donut as my cake and I blew the candles during the call. I felt so happy and blessed.

Well, happy birthday to me!



It’s my (late) birthday!

Hey you guys!

So I just had my birthday last week yeaaay I’m officially a quarter century now! So last year I posted how I celebrated my birthday with my box (Click here). Aaaand I will talk about how I celebrated it this year

This year, everything has changed. It’s different from last year. I very very rarely go to the box again and basically my work is more time consuming now. I had a nice and quite birthday this year which is very relaxing considering that work has been cray-cray!

The night before, a colleague of mine who is also a good friend of mine at work, spent the night at my place. Because she needed my access to do her work as there was an issue with her access. Then the next day we went to the office late as we barely slept because of work haha. Yeah. Work. I know right?? Basically what she did is telling everyone. Literally everyone she met that it was my birthday. I also met her friends that day during lunch.

After I finished meeting with my boss and her as well, we went down to get Starbucks and my boss treated me a drink and told me to go home and enjoy the day. Oh wow. Such a nice boss! I got to spend my day at home and just enjoy the day! Before I went back, my colleague, again, told everyone, yes everyone, at Starbucks that this is my birthday. So people were congratulating me. It was pretty embarrassing but funny at the same time hahaha.

She told me “if I have more money right now, I’ll order a flowers like a stickwerk flowers and put it at the front gate of this building, put your name and face and says “it’s my birthday today!””


I was happy she got no money back then. Or I’ll be very embarrassed

Anyway that’s how I spend my birthday this year. A nice and quite one 🙂 a perfect way to celebrate it in these hectic days!