VISTA #8: Public Butt

Hey you guys!

It’s VISTA time! Oh how I love blabbering on the internet to some random people that I dont know. Hahaha. Today I am going to share a little bit of my trip to Japan.

As you all know (probably not all of you though), I went to Japan last May-June. My family and I decided to go to Hiroshima because we wanted to see the Atomic Bomb Dome and also Miyajima Island, which is very very beautiful. But that’s another story to tell, now I want to talk a story before I went back to Tokyo.

So, before we went back to Tokyo we wanted to visit the Dome. So I took a shower in the morning. But because there was only 1 bathroom on each floor, I decided to went to another floor and took a shower there. Afterwards, I put on some clothes and turned off the lights. When I was about to get out and opened the bathroom door…. There, I saw it. A butt. Butt. Peach emoji. Butt. We get it Kem, you just saw a butt.

My brain told me to get back to the bathroom, say sorry and close the door. So I did that. Inside the dark bathroom, I was thinking. Why on earth I said sorry and stayed in this bathroom. I meant… I was about to go out and went back to my room. And he was the one who took off his pants on the corridor, in front of the bathroom. Yes, it was a man’s butt. I didnt see his face because I was facing the floor when that happened, hence what I saw. A butt. It was sooo awkward. I could not get out because I didnt know what to say or how to react if he was still outside. But if I kept staying in this dark bathroom, it would be so weird as well. If I turned on the lights, well… not really helping. Still a weird and awkward situation.

Fuck it. Imma gonna come out. So I opened the door and luckily he was not there. I think he was about to fix his pants or something but he never thought that someone was about to get out from the bathroom. I quickly went back to my room and get dressed before we left the hostel. I tried to keep quiet about this whole butt thing in front of my parents. Because if they found out they will get overly protective for some reason, get frantic and forbid me to travel alone again *insert upside down smiling emoji here* hahaha.

But hey, I told people on the internet instead hahaha



VISTA #7: Rome in The Rain

Hey you guys!

It’s VISTA time! Yea yea I know sorry I haven’t uploaded VISTA quite much now. I’m trying to post more, I meant telling story of my picture is my first reason why I’m creating this blog in the first place anyway. Thouuuughh, because i talk a lot my posts tend to disarray hahahahaha.

Anywaaaayy let’s continue with the purpose of this post shall we?

This picture was taken, I think, on my second day in Rome. So it was raining for awhile, a light one actually. This picture actually has been edited on photoshop. So I took this picture from inside the hop on hop off bus. I could sit at the top but since it was raining I decided to sit inside. I wanted to make this picture clearer that I took it inside the bus and edited it to make it more dramatic. But anyway let’s start with the story behind this picture okay

So I really reaaaallyy wanted to go inside the St. Peter Basilica (church) and went to the top so I could see Rome (and Vatican) from above. If you’re wondering which one is the church from this picture, it’s the one in the center of the pic. Yep, the bus passed the church and it happened to be in the center of the pic. Yeayy lucky me. Well you guys, me and morning does not go well. I’m a night owl, it’s hard for me to at least function properly in the morning. Really. Hard. So I didn’t get the chance to go inside the church on my second day.

On the first day in Rome, I just walked around the Piazza (plaza), Colosseum, etc. I pretty much did almost everything on my first day in Rome so I had more time to explore the city without any agenda.

You see, it was really hot so I was kinda glad that it was raining a bit. When I was in Rome, it basically 35C. I know it’s hotter in Europe now! Though I love warm/a bit hot kind of weather, it was still burning. Damn. I remember that at first I wore my jeans but then I just wore shorts for the rest of the trip. Hahahha it was just tooo hot for me to handle.

Rome was really beautiful especially at night. I definitely didn’t regret walking around the city in the middle of the night with my cousin.

Will I come back to Rome again in the future? If I had the chance, why not! What do you think of Rome? Leave me some comments below! 😀



VISTA #6: Looking for Fried Chicken

Ayam Bahagia, Cirebon, West Java

Pardon for the low quality image. I don’t know why though….

Hey you guys!

My parents love to do something called “culinary travel” so basically what they do when they are traveling (either in Jakarta or outside of Jakarta) is looking for food. Yepp. It’s not like they are going to this hype restaurant, they just visit restaurants that they think are good. For example, in this not-so-big city called Cirebon in West Java, there is a small restaurant called “Ayam Bahagia” in English it could be translated to “Happy Chicken” uh what? Well actually “Bahagia” is the name of the street.

So I decided to go with my parents on the weekend (like months ago haha). We took train to get there, approximately 3 hours from Jakarta. We arrived right on lunch time and we went to the restaurant.

It’s been a while since the last time I ate them in the restaurant. I usually asked my parents to bring some home.

We only spent around half day in Cirebon. Yeah. Basically we only went there just to eat fried chicken hahaha what can I say you guys, that’s my parents’ traveling style and everyone has its own.

Anywaaaayy, once again I did stupid mistake. I couldn’t hear what the announcer at the train station said because it was very noisy and I was waiting for my parents. Apparently, the announcer said that my train (from Cirebon to Jakarta) has arrived at platform 4 and will depart soon. My mom and dad called me like I don’t know how many times and they were panicking hahaha why Kemmy why. Luckily I didn’t miss my train, I ran like a madman. Run Kemmy Ruuuun (get it? Get it??)

When I got into the train itself, apparently due to some technical problems with the AC, there was a leak right on top of me hahaha. So i reported it to the worker inside the train and luckily they could fix it. Well, I’ll be drenched when I arrive at Jakarta if it’s not fixed haha

Anyway guys, I bring lots and lots of chicken home. I can’t wait to eat them (again)