#4 Carton Milk Cows

Hey you guys! Talking about places that I want to visit would be difficult as it will be a really really long list. Yepp. I can assure you that. So I just gonna talk about one specific place. Nah, more like one specific country that I really want to visit ever since I was in… Continue reading #4 Carton Milk Cows

Packing Tips If You’re Going To Move Abroad

Hey you guys! As you know now I have moved to Germany for my Gradschool. I thought maybe it's good to share what I brought when I moved to Germany. When I was about to leave, I was really confused on what to bring, do I need to bring X or not, should I just… Continue reading Packing Tips If You’re Going To Move Abroad

Ups and Downs of Solo Traveling

Unsure about whether going solo travelling is the right thing for you? Don't know what to expect? Here is the truth about solo traveling: the ups and downs.