VISTA #13: Cheers to One Year!

Hey you guys! Soooo today is 23rd of September and this would be my official first year here in Germany! Wooo! At first I want to post the 7th post of the 30 days writing challenge (since I delayed it, again) but then again it's my first year so I just wanna talk about it.… Continue reading VISTA #13: Cheers to One Year!

Hotel Review: JW Marriott Yogyakarta

Hey you guys! Disclaimer before I start: this has been in my draft since um I dont know last year? HAHAHAHHA SORRY so the price etc may change. Anyway, enjoy! Another 5-star hotel to be reviewed! Wow Kem you stayed at couple of nice hotels already, eh, perks of working I guess hahah. Yes! You're… Continue reading Hotel Review: JW Marriott Yogyakarta

Kuliah di Jerman: Mengurus residence permit/izin tinggal (Aufenthaltstitels)

Hey you guys! Kali ini gue mau cerita tentang pengalaman gue urus residence permit atau izin tinggal di Jerman. Jadi setelah gue urus daftar penduduk ke Rathaus (cek apa aja yang harus diurus disini ya), gue dapet kertas termin atau appointment untuk urus si izin tinggal ini. Kalian tau gak, ini gue udah draft dari… Continue reading Kuliah di Jerman: Mengurus residence permit/izin tinggal (Aufenthaltstitels)