Books: The Rape of Nanking

Hey you guys!

My interests in reading is pretty much like my consistency. Consistently inconsistent. I used to love reading personal development then book about human relationships and psychology. Well, I guess my interests now changed into history.

I recently just finished a book titled The Rape of Nanking (Goodreads review here) by Iris Chang. So basically the story is about the Nanking (Nanjing) Massacre in 1937. I would say that this book is not a book that you just grab and expect a easy light reading. But is the book worth it? Oh yes.

Now, let me tell you what I found in this book and why it’s really great.

Just a bit disclaimer though. So, I am a fast reader. I usually read 200pages book in one day, well two days max. This book is around 200 pages and I spent one week to finish reading the book? Why? Well I’ll tell you why: it is brutal. Basically the story itself is about the history of Nanking from three point of views: Japan, Nanking and the International Safety Camp. Apart from its vivid description and explanation of the whole situation in Nanking (and pictures by the way), I find this book really great because you can feel the raw emotions while reading the book. The writing is very detailed, so yeah you can vividly feel the horror.

Again, this is not an easy book to read but it is very worth reading! My whole emotions were in shambled while reading the book: the disgust, the horror, the hatred, the despair and the anger well, I can feel all of those emotions at the same time. If you wanna know more about history of World War II, especially between Japan and China, this is one of the books that you should read. Or if you just love history, go read this book!

Lemme know if you decided to give this book a go or if you have read this book. I would love to discuss it with you 🙂



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