2 Out of 2: Udah vaksin lengkap! Apa yang dirasain abis vaksin COVID19 pertama dan kedua?

Photo by Daniel Schludi on Unsplash

Hey you guys!

Akhirnya gue udah full vaccinated! Woooo senang!

Jujur aja vaksin kedua ini gue deg-degan, bukan deg deg an sama jarum suntiknya kayak pas vaksin pertama (post tentang vaksin pertama bisa dibaca disini) tapi karena gue deg deg an apa nih side effects yang bakal gue dapet kali ini? Kenapa sampe deg deg an? Gak, bukan karena gue takut sama apa yang ada di dalem vaksin sampe Kemmy yang tadinya takut sama jarum pas mau vaksin jadi takut sama efek abis vaksinnya. Tapi karena efek vaksin pertama itu tangan gue sakit sampe gerak terbatas. Kayaknya gue belum ngomongin apa yang gue rasain abis vaksin ya tapi cuma ngomongin gimana kemarin gue daftar. Baiklaaah gue akan ngomongin bedanya efek vaksin pertama dan kedua.

Oh iya sebelumnya gue mau ingetin, tiap orang efeknya beda beda jadi ga bisa disamain ya. Gue kemarin dapet vaksinnya itu dua-duanya Pfizer pas di dokter.

Vaksin Pertama

Nah, vaksin pertama! Gatau apa karena gue adrenaline rush karena gue terlalu sibuk mikirin sakit disuntik terus ternyata ga sakit terus bahagia atau karena gue vaksinnya sore jam 3, pas hari H vaksin gue bener bener ga ngerasain apa apa. Bangga banget waktu itu tiap Arki nanyain “ga sakit tangannya? atau ga ada yang dirasain?” wkwkwkwkw. Sombong sih lu Kem. Besoknya gue wadidaw. Sebetulnya untuk tangan pas jam 6 itu gue mulai ngerasa ga nyaman tapi masih bisa ditolerir banget. Kalo kata mas SM*SH sih ya cenat cenut. Tapi baru beneran berasa banget jam 12 malem. Abis gue kelar belajar (kayaknya) terus gue mau siap siap bobo eh ya kok ngadep kiri sakit. Gue gabisa tidur ngadep kiri doong hahahah ga diapa apain aja tangan gua sakit. Sedih. Sebagai orang yang kalo tidur harus ngadep kiri (iya beneran gue merasa gelisah kalo ngadep kanan wkwkwk) yaaa gue gabisa tidur :”)

Nah waktu itu gue lagi summer school kan (bisa cek post tentang summer school gue disini sama disini), jadi jam 9 pagi gue kelas. Udah kurang tidur, tangan sakit pula, mau mandi sakit sister tangannya digerakin ah yasudah kita kelas tanpa mandi wkwkwkwk (jorok banget dah). Nah pas kelas kok tiba tiba gue meler, gue kira karena dingin aja atau karena emang masih pagi ingusan deh gua. Eh kok ga berenti? Eh? Loh? Lalu saya demam. Gue ga punya termometer tapi gue rasa gas tinggi ya demamnya, cuma kalo dipegang anget aja gitu.

Gue ga minum obat sama sekali waktu vaksin pertama. Jadi ya istirahat aja udah hari kedua itu jadinya. Tapi ya sakit di tangan itu bener bener bikin gue takut buat ngalamin itu lagi, bahkan sakitnya itu gue sampe berhari-hari. Gak sakit sampe terbatas geraknya gt emang pas hari ke-3 tapi di sekitar tempat disuntik masih sakit berasa sampe seenggaknya 5 hari sampe seminggu. Makanya gue deg deg an vaksin kedua ku bagaimanaaaaahh

Vaksin Kedua

Jeng! Vaksin kedua. Duh deg deg an lah saya. Arki dapet vaksin seminggu lebih dulu dari gue, tapi dia bener bener kayak orang ga abis vaksin wkwkkw kayak ga ada efeknya. Sebetulnya badan dia agak anget sih sama katanya tangannya sakit tapi ga sesakit vaksin pertama katanya. Efek yang didapet Arki kayaknya yang paling keliatan itu jadi ngantuk terus. Nah, terus gue gimana? Gue dapet vaksin tanggal 16 Aug, terus gue udah sengaja kosongin jadwal tuh Senin sama Selasa paling aing tepar gitu mikirnya kan. Hari Senin itu disini dingin pake banget, apaan coba summer tapi 12 derajat. Penipuan. :””””) mana summernya??? Angin kenceng, ujan mulu. Ah auk. Pagi pagi gue bangun kepala udah sakit kayaknya karena gigi gue lagi numbuh tapi pas siang sebetulnya udah ga sakit lagi. Karena gue beneran takut tangan gue gabisa gerak bebas, gue masak langsung banyak buat sampe besok hahaha (padahal besoknya Arki dateng masakin gue wkwkw).

Nah terus abis vaksin nih ya, gue langsung pulang terus bersih bersih sama makan lagi dikit. 2 jam pertama aman sih cuma kepala gue mulai sakit lagi. Karena cuaca lagi kacau dan gue abis vaksin juga mungkin, gue mengigil dong hahahha. Gue udah pake celana panjang sama baju lengan panjang heattech padahal. Terus gue paksa tidur siang karena gue mikir kan ntar kalo tangan sakit lagi gua gabisa tidur ngadep kiri. Oh tidaaak. Mari kita puas-puasin tidur ngadep kiri mumpung belom sakit. Tidurlah gue sejam. Bangun bangun kepala gue masih sakit tuh jam 6. Kamar gue tuh beneran gelap, jendela ditutup gorden ga ada lampu nyala, ga pegang pegang gadget. Ya gimana, kepala aing sakit. Badan gue juga mulai anget jam 6 itu. Yang gue rasain juga selain demam sama sakit kepala itu badan gue pegel semua. Tangan gue mulai nyut nyutan tapi biasa aja rasanya.

Terus gue paksa merem lagi, ngarep sakit kepala ilang hahaha sekalian kan puas puasin ngadep kiri tidurnya. Tidur lah gue sekitar jam 7. Bangun lagi jam 8. Wkwkwk kesel sejam sejam gitu. Jam 8 itu gue paksa makan malem. Eh ya tapi jam 9 gue bener bener ga kuat. Demam sama badan pegel pegel, lemes itu semua bisa gue tahan. Sakit kepalanya gue ga kuat banget. Minumlah gue paracetamol. Setelah minum ilang lah semua badan pegel, demam sama sakit kepala. Emang karena gue disini ga pernah sakit (kecuali maag), eh teler gua minum obat hahaha. Yaudah tidur lagi. DAN GUE BISA TIDUR NGADEP KIRI WOOOO yang gue takutin malah gapapa hahaha. Besoknya gue ga ngerasain apa apa kecuali nyut nyut di tangan. Tapi ga separah waktu vaksin pertama karena tangan gue gerak ga terbatas, gue bisa tidur ngadep kiri dan sebagainya.

Yaaah jadi gitu deh apa yang gue rasain abis vaksin Pfizer untuk dosis 1 dan 2. Buat kalian yang belom vaksin, jangan lupa untuk daftar vaksin ya! Stay safe and healthy!



Summer School Final Project: Cryopreservation for Conservation

Hey you guys!

So I just finished my summer school recently. It was such a fun experience, too bad everything was online! But still fun!

Well, anyway we had to do a final project to pass the class. The final project was to create an imaginary NGO to increase biodiversity. So we had to create the strategy, what we wanted to do and how, the amount of money we needed, the business plan and so on. Then we had to pitch our ideas to (imaginary) philanthropists so they will fund our project. The philanthropists are our lecturers, of course 😀 So yea, I thought it’d be fun to share it on my blog!

I wont share the detail of our pitch but I just gonna share what we came up with and some literatures that supported our idea.

Well, here you go, our (imaginary) NGO:

Frozen for Future (F4F)

So basically, our idea was to combine in situ and ex situ conservation, which are protected area network and cryopreservation. So we wanna use the technology of cryopreservation to help the species reproduce and so they can restore their habitat/ecosystem as our long term goal. In other words, we want to reintroduce the species back to their habitat and hoping for a trophic cascade just like the wolves in Yellowstone National Park.

So, how does that work anyway? And what is cryopreservation in the first place?

Well, at first our idea was to save sperm and eggs of animals as our way to conserve the species. So, just like a sperm bank that we humans have, we wanted to create one for animals. But then, one of our teammates felt like it’s not nice if we only think about the animals, how about the other species? Of course they are important as well right? Then we found the name of the technology of saving the sperms/eggs/embryos etc which is cryopreservation. So basically we store the cells/tissues or other biological constructs (so it is not only for gametes and embryos; not only for animals! Can be used for bacteria, fungi, plants, insects, birds, fish etc) in a very low temperature.

Actually, while doing the research I stumbled upon so many interesting projects and researches. But, I am trying not too get distracted in this post or it will be a very long post hehe. So I will probably just gonna post them next time (you can find the articles etc in the reference list below).

Anyway, lets go back to cryopreservation.

So, apparently this technology is not new but still not that common. Maybe those who are studying natural science are more familiar with it but since I am a layman so I had no idea that we use this technology for conservation. So this technology has been used mainly for animals. At first, it is used commonly for livestock and big mammals. For example, there’s an NGO that used this method to help Rhino reproduce in South Africa.

Ah yea, I am going to focus my explanation on animals, mainly big mammals as the research that I did mainly focused on them.

So, we can get the biological construct from either dead or live animals. But of course, if it’s dead then we have the time constraints as you need to collect the samples as quickly as possible. After that, we could do ART or assisted reproductive technology such as artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization or embryo transfer. It is then up to the scientists/NGOs/etc whether they want to keep the animals first (captive breeding) or release them back to the wild while they are pregnant. The one that we chose for our imaginary NGO was to keep them in our facility so we can monitor if the ART works perfectly.

Then, before we release them to the wild, we still need to prepare the active site first and also check their health and do disease screening. We also wanted to put identification tag so we can monitor the succession of our project to release them back to the wild. Apparently the cost of rewilding is very expensive. There are a couple of sources in which I got my approximation of the cost of rewilding the animals and since I was trying to get funding from philanthropists, I just used the highest estimation that I could get. So I assumed that we are going to release big mammals back to the wild, lets say big cat like lion/leopard/cheetah (they all have different estimation by the way). Then I assumed that we are going to release 20 individuals. So, I will need around 3 million euros to release 20 individuals for one year period (including intensive monitoring of the species, mobilization, staff salary etc). Of course this estimation is a very simple estimation that I did in less than one day hahaha because there is actually a way to estimate the cost but I just didn’t have enough time to do proper research. But, if I see news and literatures about rewilding, this project is indeed expensive.

So yeah, that’s just a little bit about our final project for the summer school. It was a fun project but I would say it was a very intense one because we only had 3 days to work on it. Still though, I am pretty pleased that our group got a high mark for this project (20/25) woooo!

As always, please find the sources for our project below. Unfortunately, I dont really note what my friends used for their research but mostly it has been covered by the sources I listed in the file. I also put some interesting articles that I found online. Have fun reading! Lemme know what you think!




(This project was done while studying the M.Sc. “Environmental Management” at Christian-Albrechts Universität (CAU) in Kiel, Germany)