#15 In the comfort of my bed (and coffee, of course)

Photo by Alexandru Acea on Unsplash

Hey, you guys!

Sooooo our #15 post is about running away. PFFT. If someone describes themselves as an avid reader, then I would describe myself as an avid on the run person (???) doesnt make sense, Kem. Yea, I know. I think I have mentioned my bad traits of running away from things frequently before (you could check it here). Uh well sorry. In my defense, I need my alone time. Hmph.

Nah. I just like being alone most of the times. At this point running away from problems become a lifestyle huh Kem? Hahaha. When I run away, most of the times I just need some (a lot) alone times or wanna cool myself down.

But where do I usually go? You got it right.

My room.

But if I could choose any place in the world, where do I wanna run away to?

Well, yea. My room.

I’m pretty simple actually, especially when it comes to “running” away. I just like to stay in my room, doing anything that makes me happy (usually sleeping. damn i just love sleeping) and drinking my coffee. Nothing over the top or special like running away to another city or country. Nah. As long I have my pillow, blanket and coffee, then I am all good.