Umm Hello World… I guess?

Hey you guys!

Yes yes I know. It’s been like umm 7 months? MAJOR WHOOPPSIES.

I havent really dedicated my time in updating and revising my blog (ya think?). Ehe. So I have some new things to update and post yippieee. Please update more, Kem.

Anywaaayy, today I got my first jab! Yeay finally! I have three things that surprised me today:

So that’s a super duper short update from my side. I’m excited to post new stuffs and I am planning to post some works that I have done in uni as well. Sooo finger crossed that I will actually gonna do it hah.

  1. I spoke with the doctors and receptionist in full German. Like whaaaa? For someone who is really reallyyyy have low confident in speaking German, I am surprised at myself. Yeay me!
  2. IT DIDNT HURT! Oh yes, I am soooo afraid of needles. I always tell the health practitioners that I am afraid of needles so yea lol? I actually was really surprised when it was done like wut? You’re done mate? WoW
  3. I dont really have that side effect after the vaccine (at least today!) I only get slight pain on my left arms where I got vaccinated but that’s it really. I can move my arm just fine and it didnt really bother me in doing anything really. So it’s great! And i hope I wont get any side effects tomorrow. Apparently a friend of mine got it the next day.

Stay safe, wear your mask, get your vaccine and stay sane!



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