#12 Welcome! Everything is fine.

Hey you guys!

Soooo I havent posted anything for a while (like it’s a new thing to happen Kem). Well, uni has started since last Monday and I am so tireeed. Eh, my fault really for taking too many modules. Anyway I want to continue my 30 days writing challenge and this would be the 12th post: tv series. As you all know, it is very clear that I am into Game of Thrones and even went to its filming location. Awesome. I also love How I Met Your Mother and though many disapprove its ending, I actually like it despite the not-so-entertaining last season. At first I wanted to talk about one of them but hey, I have talked about them couple of times so why not choosing other tv series that I like?

So here you go: Welcome! Everything is fine.

Yes. The Good Place.

I first saw its trailer on instagram, some random accounts posted it. Hey Kristen Bell! I like her! I wanted to watch it but I didnt have Netflix and yea I basically just forgot about the show. Then my friends, Tom and Celine, talked about this show and Tom recommended it to me. Just my luck, my brother paid for my Netflix hahahha (I’m poor guys). When I went back to Indonesia, I just binge watched the series. Luckily, it was short. So, every episode is only 30 minutes long. Easy to watch: both its story and duration.

I just love to see how the group grows together and my favorite character is Jason Mendoza because he is really entertaining. Like a kid trapped in a grown up body hahaha. But also stupid. Molotov cocktail for life. Wooo

What I like about this show is that not only it is easy to watch, but also it has nice messages on life. Being human is complicated nothing is 100% wrong or right. Though you are trying to be good, it doesnt mean your actions have no negative effect. Getting what you want every single time is not fulfilling. My German teacher always said to me: ein bisschen Stress ist gut (a little stress is good) and I live by these words. Well actually, she usually said that whenever we got frustrated by the lesson ahahah.

Also, I think the series ending is just perfect. They answer the question of “now what?

So yea. Give it a go guys! It’s only 4 season, 30 mins per episode, the story is easy to understand and basically it’s just easy to watch this show aaaand more importantly the story and the messages are just great.