#11 Oh my God, my sister is going to die!

Hey you guys!

Today I want to continue my 30 days writing challenge which is about my sibling. I have one big brother who is only 1 year older. My mom was surprised when she was pregnant with me. “I just gave birth and I was already pregnant. I was embarrassed” Mom. That is such a weird thing to get embarrassed about. My brother and I were not breastfeed by my mom because there was basically no milk coming out. She also did not have any signs/symptoms like nausea for example. Well, apart from her period was late. Hence, she didnt know that she was pregnant. Actually my mom initially wanted to have an abortion (yep, I was supposedly die) because she was afraid that she hurts me as she took a medicine to get her period while she was pregnant. But then she decided to keep me and gave birth to me. Phew, dodge a bullet (or did I really?).

Anyway, it was only my brother and I basically. I mentioned in my previous post that my parents were working. So yea. Since there are only the two of us (yes, until now. I refused to have younger siblings ever since I was a kid. Dont wanna someone to steal my parents’ attention from me hahahaha), I am really close with my brother. Of course we fought (a lot) but hey, siblings are nothing without a fight (uh what?). I remember that mostly we fought because of, well, food. Until now. HAHAHA OH GOOD LORD. You see, I am the type who likes to keep her favorite food and eat it later. While my brother is the type who eats his favorite first. So I liked to store my favorite food in the fridge and eat it little by little, one example: chocolate milk. I still remember the time when I bailed my eyes out because my brother drank my milk and I was really looking forward to it. My brother, with his innocent puppy eyes and chubby cheek, responded with “but I was hungry.” Awesome, big bro. Yes, yes. Very trivial fight. Oh kids.

When I was in first grade of elementary school, I think I was 6, I had this surgery to remove my tonsils because it got inflamed and swollen. The surgery itself was not that painful, I meant I was not even awake hahaha. I was basically unconscious and when I woke up there are some of my family members inside the room. I remember I saw my aunt beside the bed. When I woke up, I coughed and when I spit I saw blood on the facial tissue. I, a stupid 6 years old who watched too many TV shows, freaked out. Ya know, in the soap opera they usually have this scene when you coughing blood and it is a sign that you have a chronic illness and are going to die? Yea, sometimes I watched that shows on TV with my housekeeper. So yea my mind was going crazy: I am going to die. This is it. This is the sign. Yep. I was so shocked, I cried and kept saying that something is wrong and if I am going to die. It was brutally messy. Yep.

Oh it got even worse. My brother came in, holding a barbie doll as a gift for me, saw me freaking out with blood everywhere. So what happened? Now you have 2 kids freaking out and screaming frantically.


After hearing that, I, of course, got even moreeeee freak out. HAHAHAHA GOOD OL’ TIMES. I cant imagine the horror that the adults had that time hahahha. What a dramatic kids we were.

To be honest I could not really remember what happened next. But one thing I remember very well was that I could not eat not even swallowed my own saliva because my throat was hurting like hell. I was promised with lots and lots of ice cream for nothing. Yea, they bribed me with ice cream so I wanted to do the surgery. So innocent, Kem. Oh and the smells of sunny side up was just, uh, hell. It smelled so delicious. So close but so hard to reach. For the next one week, I just kept staring at my brother eating his sunny side up in jealousy. Hahahaha oh good old times.