#10 How I Met “ADK”

Hey you guys!

The 10th day theme is best friend and to be honest I dont know what to write and who should I write about. Heck, even if I know what do I say? Well yea they’re nice and what? I have couple of friends that I considered as my best friends so let’s start with ADK. Eh I’ll just write about them in this post

What’s ADK stand for though? Anak Depan Kopma

Okay so that word is from my native language. Hm how should I explain it. I’ll start with Kopma. So, it’s an abbreviation from Koperasi Mahasiswa. I wont go into detail about what Koperasi is but basically this Kopma is a small store in my uni (every faculty usually have one) and it was run by the student body (we employed people to handle the store but the members of the student body also help around). So, to put it simply, it’s basically a store.

So, Anak Depan Kopma means kids who hang out in front of Kopma. Dont get me wrong, there was no sitting area in front of the store, just a umm small pavement I guess that’s the word? I dont even know what’s the word in my native language hahah because it’s not meant for people to walk on but yea.

So how do we meet?

I liked to buy some snacks at Kopma before and after class because it’s quick and simple. I was not a member of the student body who manage it until third semester but some of my friends were. So, as someone who likes to hang around basically after class, I liked to sit beside the entrance of the store and just ate my snack there. Sometimes other people saw me and then they started to sit beside me. And that’s how we liked to hang out in front of Kopma.

A close friend of mine, Keno – which I mentioned a lot in my post, was a member of the student body and so I met him a lot. He always at Kopma actually. Before I went to class, I met him helping as a cashier there. After class, I also met him there. Still helping around. Is this dude even go to class?

I had many classes together with Audrey and Nico in the second term. I basically changed all of my classes in the second term (it supposed to be automatically appointed by the faculty but there was some error and I panicked I havent got any class so I just registered myself and picked the “right” lecturer, if you know what I meant). So yea, supposedly I didnt have many classes together with Audrey and Nico but because of what I did, now we basically went around together everywhere every time. We sat next to each other, did group work together, ate together. You name it. Because I liked to go to Kopma they also went there with me. If I remember correctly, they were also member of the student body who manage it. But still, no one beats Keno when it comes to helping around at Kopma.

Then, Drevina was basically drawn to us hanging around at Kopma. Drevina and Keno also have same religion and we have this religion association for each religion, and so they were part of it. I’m pretty sure Drevina was also part of the student body. Damn I was the only one who hang around a lot because I liked to buy stuffs? Great.

It was actually kind of funny on how we met and just became one group until now. Keno who was basically at Kopma a lot because he didnt feel he belong there (at the uni; he felt like he chose the wrong major and had no friend), Audrey and Nico who basically shared the same class with me because I changed all of my class and Drevina, the most innocent among us, who were drawn into this mess.

To be honest, I was pretty surprised that I could maintain a friendship this long. Back when I was in high school, I usually had this close friends which changed every year. I meant we still talk but not as much and hence we grew apart. So cant really say that I am still close with them. I also had some close friends when I was in the first semester but for some reason I just… left? The cliche “it’s not you, it’s me” really does apply to me and my relationship with people. What is wrong with you, Kem?

Anywaaay, we are still close friends until now. Keno helped me settle here in Germany, Nico actually helped me to get a job and I still maintain a regular conversation with Drevina and Audrey, so we still update each other’s lives. Damn it feels good to actually have a proper relationship with people until now. Dont get me wrong, I still perceive some of my close friends from junior high school and high school as my close friends though we dont talk that much.

But ADK, they’re different. I truly love them as my friends and I care about them a lot.

Anyhoooo that’s it for today’s post and have a nice day you guys!