#8 “It’s either old or depressing”

Hey you guys!

So I’m back with the 30 days writing challenge. I know I am not consistently posting daily but hey you have been warned in my “About Me” page! Hahahah. Well, anyway, the theme for the eighth day is the power of music. Well, in my opinion there is music for every emotions. You’re sad because you got into a fight with your partner? I got ya mate. You’re happy? Gotcha. You’re feeling pumped? Yep, no problem there, mate!

However, I got several comments from my friends that my type of music is, and I quote this, “depressing or old.” I am not an expert in music so I have no idea the genre. Thus, I cant really explain my taste in music? For me, if I like the sound of it then well, let’s put it in my Spotify playlist. Simple. But, I do agree with my friends that my taste in music is rather old. I just like oldies I guess aaaand mostly they kinda sound umm sad? Is it ballad? Eh? I dont know hahahha.

Happy? Sad songs! Sad? Sad songs! In love? Sad songs!

I dont think that they all sound sad though but I just like that type of music? Oh God I am so bad at this ahhahaha I really dont know how to explain my taste in music.

Anyway, music can really understands your emotions most of the times. As I have mentioned before, there are songs when you’re sad or happy or whatever emotions that you are feeling at the moment due to certain situations. Sad because you just broke up, sad because your crush doesnt like you back, happy because you’re in love and currently getting closer with your crush, well you name it.

For me, certain songs also reminds me of certain people or place. Like for example Smile by Jimmy Durante, ya know, that song from Joker movie? Yea, it reminds me of my former umm not sure what we were but I will just say it as crush to make it easier for me hahaha. So yea, that particular song reminds me of him and the memories that we had together. Did he recommend that song to me? Or did something happen to us while that song was playing? Nope. I was just listening to that song over and over again aaandd coincidentally we were texting. So that’s that hahaha. Oh, Sleigh Ride by Relient K also reminds me of last winter break when I visited my bestfriend, Keno, in Munich.

Yea, songs actually remind me of so many memories of people or places that I have visited. Sad or happy songs don’t really affect me in a way that they make me feel certain emotions stronger (well, sometimes they do) but more to the memories. I guess that’s what the power of music for me is: triggering memories.

Well, anyway… regarding my friends’ comments on sad and depressing songs, I will let you guys judge it yourselves. Here are some playlists from my Spotify:

  1. +62: Indonesian songs
  2. A blast from the past: compilation of oldies from 50s-90s
  3. Run Forrest Run! – workout playlist
  4. Releasing my inner otaku-self: East Asian songs
  5. Instrumental – I usually play this playlist in the morning right after I woke up while reading and drinking coffee. Boy, it makes me feel that I got my shit together

Well, so that’s my playlists and you are free to check it out of course 🙂 Stay safe, stay healthy, stay at home and dont forget to wear your mask!