#4 Carton Milk Cows

Hey you guys!

Talking about places that I want to visit would be difficult as it will be a really really long list. Yepp. I can assure you that. So I just gonna talk about one specific place. Nah, more like one specific country that I really want to visit ever since I was in 3rd grade of elementary school. New Zealand.

I remember it very very well. You guys know the picture on the carton milk? Yea when I was a kid, it showed a picture of black and white cows eating grass on a really big and wide field. Yep. That one. At that time, there was a competition held by this dairy company uhm I dont remember which brand and the prize was to go to New Zealand. Mind you, at that time New Zealand was not very known in my country. At least to people that I know. I meant, come on, I was like what 9 years old so mostly people that I knew are 9??? Hahahah. But the adults did not know that as well for some reason. Or maybe they were just playing on me? Eh? Wut?

When I was a kid, most people (and kids) know USA (we basically only said America though hahaha even though America is a continent. Well, we were kids…), England (yes only England not the whole UK) umm what else… neighbouring countries like Malaysia and Singapore I guess. Well not much basically. So when we were talking about where you wanna go and I mentioned New Zealand, people were confused.

What is that?

Did you just make a random country out of your mouth?

That does not exist!

Well yea that happened. You can imagine my frustration trying to say that it’s real. But then when people asked me what’s in there, my answer was not the best either.


Yes. That, my readers, was my answer. My sole answer on what’s in New Zealand. Great.

What? Cows?

Yes, I want to see where milk comes from

But… you can do that here…

“Yes but the cows are different! This one is black and white like in cartoon! I want to see those cows eating grass on a really big field

Oh good Lord.

But yea, I did not get the prize to go to New Zealand and I havent been there until now. So there you go, another travel bucketlist of mine: seeing black and white cows eating grass on a big green field in New Zealand. (you can find my other travel bucketlist here which I have checked wooo!)



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