#2 Finding Happiness?

Hey you guys!

Just like the first post on my personality, a question on happiness is pretty hard for me to answer.

So Kemmy, what makes you happy?

Well… a lot of things.

You see, when I was in college I knew I was not happy with myself. Well, sort of. I meant, I had everything I guess? I hung out with my friends everyday, I had no financial problem, no problem with uni whatsoever but I could tell something is missing. Then I stumbled upon this book from Gretchen Rubin “The Happiness Project.” Well that sounds interesting, maybe I could find something that I am looking for right? Though I had no idea what.

After reading the book, I made my own happiness project with specific theme for each month. Like what I wanna do and what I wanna achieve specifically. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good book and an interesting project. But, it became a hustle for me, like doing tasks. Uhh yea no. For couple of months, I was really into it but then afterwards, I just forgot about the previous goals and pursued the next one. See? Like doing an assignment. Do this and finish it then do other things. Aaaand the cycle continued. For example, I remember one of the themes is friends and one of the goals is reconnecting with friends who used to be close with me. That worked fine though we didnt get as close as before again. Another theme was about God as I wanted to connect with God and my faith more. Did this one work? Nope. It worked for that month but afterwards? Meh. For me, faith is something that is very very fundamental. It comes from your heart, if you don’t believe then you just don’t. You cant force someone to believe in something. I believe in God but I don’t like religion so this one became a really daunting tasks for me. I was forcing it. To become happy as per others’ views: reconnect with your religion and God.

That little project of mine was a nice but it made me realise you dont find happiness. You create one. Happiness is not a destination and it is not only about positive thinking but it is about taking positive action. What I did with in project was positive actions to create happiness but some of the targets were based on others not based on me.

So, let’s go back to the question again: what makes you happy?

A lot of things which I cant mention one by one. Well, as a happy-go-lucky and easily impressed kind of person, many things can make me happy.



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