30 Days Writing Challenge

Hey you guys!

So, recently I stumbled upon this 30 days writing challenge on twitter and I find it really interesting. It might help me to write more as well. Since, well, as you guys know, sometimes I just dont post anything for months hahahah. I would probably use English in most of the posts but we will see about that later. Depends on what I want to convey, sometimes it is easier to write in my native language. Like, you’ll get the emotions more.

The challenge!

I will put this as “Brain Dump” category in case you guys want to read all of it. Or maybe just let people click the tag, Kem? Oh well… It usually depends on the themes, sometimes (most of the times) I dont show the tag as I tend to use many tags hahahha

Alright then, I will start making the posts 😀 wooo so excited!



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