#1 Meet Kemmy!

Hey you guys!

Soooo this is the first post of the 30 Days Writing Challenge and it’s all about me. Yeay me! *clap clap* (Do you guys know the reference? If yes, we are probably in the same age :3)

Alrighty, where should I start? Hmm well, whenever I went for an interview, the interviewer liked to ask this question:

How do you/your friends describe yourself?

Sounds simple but it can be hard to actually describe yourself. Saying the nice traits, makes you sound like a snob. Saying the bad traits, makes you sound like uh bad? It’s not only for job interview really, sometimes when you are trying to get to know someone, hmm let’s say on online dating, the other person likes to ask you what kind of person are you, no? For me, this question is hard to answer.

Some people like to match zodiac and personality as well. Sometimes you do can find a “stereotypical” traits of certain zodiac types at some people. I, personally, like to read Amrazing’s posts about zodiac on his blog, instagram or twitter. It is amusing really because he elaborated it from his observations. I was born on June and my zodiac is Cancer. However, my friends, who know zodiac types and traits by heart, tend to say “you dont act like a cancer.” I… dont get it? Like what does that mean hahaha. Some assumed because I was born in end of June, it’s still pretty close with Gemini so I am more inclined to Gemini’s personality. Does it make sense? Uh yes. I guess? So I can be very flirtatious but also very sensitive at the same time (as in my intuition works really well) and tend to umm… in Indonesia we call it galau it’s like when you are in a state of dilemma and widely used to express the state of feeling brokenhearted/feeling uncertain and down. Uh typical cancer, right? Hahaha. But both have the same traits which I can confirm I have: afraid of commitment. Oh yes. I wont be single for uh almost 7 years now if it’s not because of that lolololol.

There are also some types of personality test, such as Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). I did the test online (so I cant really say whether it’s true or not) couple of times (different time periods of course) and my results were INTP/Logician (during college) and ISTJ/Logistician (at the beginning of my master degree). Well from the website of the test that I took they describe the 2 personality as:

  1. INTP: flexible thinkers enjoy taking an unconventional approach to many aspects of life, often seek out unlikely paths, mixing willingness to experiment with personal creativity.
  2. ISTJ: tend to be reserved yet willful, with a rational outlook on life, compose their actions carefully and carry them out with methodical purpose

I would say that the the zodiac types stereotypes (either Gemini or Cancer) and the tests that I took online, describe me pretty well. But, if I want to be honest on describing my personality then I would say that I can be complicated, like I dont even know what I want hahahah but I can also be very very laid back.

For example, ISTJ see dependency on others as a weakness and that’s true for me. I believe that I cant rely on others because I am used to do everything alone. Thus, I dont get along with people who I see as spoiled. Many people also said that I’m very responsible, for example my former boss told me that during my farewell. I mean… work is a responsibility and you have to do it as best as you can right? rightt???? Also, ISTJ are proud repositories of knowledge, well, I dont mean to brag but I know some stuffs that many actually said to me “why the hell do you know that.” Hey, knowledge is power! No matter how weird it is hahahha. In addition, ISTJ may struggle to express emotion or affection outwardly aaaand that hits the the mark again! My mom and brother sometimes said that I am being cold but really I dont mean that. I am not the type who like to say “I love you” to my parents or loved ones. I just show it by doing/giving something and I thought that is already enough. So yea, that my love language.

Another example based on zodiac types (both Gemini and Cancer because I can see why my friends said that) is that I tend to run away from problems and…. disappear into thin air hahahahha. I did that for quiet sometimes. I swear I am trying to change ittt I sweaaaar. But I am also sociable so I can get along with people fairly easy. I like to run away from people but also love people at the same time? Uh what, Kem? Hahahaha. Oh yes, and also Gemini is said to have this extreme mood swings *cough cough* and flirtatious? I like to call it being nice with everyone. *cough cough* Eh.

Anyway, that’s me from the perspective of zodiac stereotypes and MBTI. If I would describe myself then I guess those stereotypes and MBTI test results can help to illustrate this complex yet easy creature called Kemmy.



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