Cooking due to Corona?

Hey you guys!

I have noticed that I cooked more since the pandemic. I think it’s not because that I’m afraid that the takeaway food contains corona or so, I guess it’s because I have more time at home now instead of going out? Well, ever since I live in Germany, I dont eat out often though (I’m poor help) but usually it’s once per week, maybe?

I do like cooking since I was trying to be healthier (it starts from an abs-obsession actually). Oof I remember I could not even cook processed foods like chicken nugget because I was afraid of the oil splatter hahaha oh good times good times. Dont get me wrong, I am not proud of that, but I am proud of what I have become now. I never said that I am a great cook or so but at least now I can cook variety of foods woo. Cooking is a survival skill and I think everyone should learn how to do it.

Oh well, I learnt it because I needed to survive when I started living alone.

So yea anyway, I usually cooked simple things because I didnt really have that much time and basically just too lazy to spend lots of time in the kitchen. I also shared a kitchen in my old dorm so that is also why, probably? Eh not really though, because ever since I went back to Germany I started to cook more.

And yepp now I have tried couple of recipes from Indian cuisine, Japanese cuisine and so on. I can also make dessert wooo. I used to rely on my friend’s recipe and she also taught me how to bake cakes. But since February she went back to France. Now I can follow recipe online. Oh wow so proud of my cooking journey hahaha

The sites that I usually use the most are:

  1. BuzzFeed Tasty
  2. Just One Cook Book
  3. RecipeTin Eats
  4. Cafedelites (I am going to try to make beef bourguignon this Saturday wheee wish me luck)

So, that’s my cooking journey. I think it’s getting better because of corona.

Stay safe, wear your mask and stay at home!



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