VISTA #12: 18 hours

Hey you guys!

It’s been a while since the last time I posted this Visual Story Saturday. Actually it’s been a loooong time since the last time I actually update my blog. Well today I’m going to talk about my trip to Vienna, Austria last November 2019. Yea yea this COVID situation sucks, no? So I want to reminiscing my travel experience to Vienna.

I just moved to Germany on late Sept 2019 and a colleague of mine contacted me. I guess it was October when she texted me. She told me that she is going to Germany with one of her colleague (I also know him). Back then, I had this issue with friends of mine here so I was really really upset and just wanted to get out from the city for couple of days to forget about it. So yea, I was really excited when she asked if I wanna join them and they will bear all of the expenses. UUUH YES PERFECT COMBINATION WOOO!

So, I tried to find a plane ticket for the weekend but it was too expensive and I had to transit in somewhere I forget the exact location. Nuh-uh. No way. So i tried to find a train ticket but again too expensive and then I turned into bus and yep, this is it. So I bought a ticket for Friday evening (around 6pm I guess) because I had class until afternoon and another was for Sunday night (10 pm I guess). I had classes on Monday but I was thinking to skip the morning class and attend the evening one. Because I have no idea about the material at all, so i think i just should not skip it or i’ll get even dumber by the week ahahah.

What I got from my 18 hours trip

Kemmy and impulsivity are best friend forever. The journey took me 18 hours. 18. freaking. hours.

I had around 4 – 5 hours stopover in Berlin for both trips. Like. In the middle of the night. And i think the other one (from Vienna back to home) was at 5ish am? It was winter. Yes. Great job.

Oh the thing I do just to ease my mind and meet my friends.

Do I think I was being dumb? Yes

Do I regret it? No

I was really upset, feeling kinda homesick and i think that was a great opportunity to get out from the hustle and bustle of my mind. Besides, I got to meet my friends from home and I really enjoyed my time with them so much.



Cooking due to Corona?

Hey you guys!

I have noticed that I cooked more since the pandemic. I think it’s not because that I’m afraid that the takeaway food contains corona or so, I guess it’s because I have more time at home now instead of going out? Well, ever since I live in Germany, I dont eat out often though (I’m poor help) but usually it’s once per week, maybe?

I do like cooking since I was trying to be healthier (it starts from an abs-obsession actually). Oof I remember I could not even cook processed foods like chicken nugget because I was afraid of the oil splatter hahaha oh good times good times. Dont get me wrong, I am not proud of that, but I am proud of what I have become now. I never said that I am a great cook or so but at least now I can cook variety of foods woo. Cooking is a survival skill and I think everyone should learn how to do it.

Oh well, I learnt it because I needed to survive when I started living alone.

So yea anyway, I usually cooked simple things because I didnt really have that much time and basically just too lazy to spend lots of time in the kitchen. I also shared a kitchen in my old dorm so that is also why, probably? Eh not really though, because ever since I went back to Germany I started to cook more.

And yepp now I have tried couple of recipes from Indian cuisine, Japanese cuisine and so on. I can also make dessert wooo. I used to rely on my friend’s recipe and she also taught me how to bake cakes. But since February she went back to France. Now I can follow recipe online. Oh wow so proud of my cooking journey hahaha

The sites that I usually use the most are:

  1. BuzzFeed Tasty
  2. Just One Cook Book
  3. RecipeTin Eats
  4. Cafedelites (I am going to try to make beef bourguignon this Saturday wheee wish me luck)

So, that’s my cooking journey. I think it’s getting better because of corona.

Stay safe, wear your mask and stay at home!



Perkuliahan Saat Corona di Jerman

Hey you guys!

Been a while no? Corona has affected us in sooo many ways. Iya salah satunya belajar online. Agak sedih sih emang jauh-jauh aing ke Jerman eh di kamar doang kuliahnya. Ya tapi mau gimanaaaa.

Well anyway, gue balik lagi ke Jerman awal April yah sekitar 1-2 hari sebelum kuliah semester baru mulai. Karena gue dari luar Jerman, gue harus self-quarantine 2 minggu. Nah, waktu itu aturannya belom ketat banget juga di Bundesland gue dan ga ada kata-kata kalau tinggal di WG (flat share) atau dorm yang intinya share dapur sama WC itu ga boleh. Sekarang ada aturan itu walau gue ga ngerti juga jadinya orang-orang yang mau ke Bundesland gue ini harus karantina dimana karena agak susah juga cari flat yang buat disewa untuk karantina. Hotel 2 minggu? Tekor.

Eits malah kemana kemana ya ceritanya.

Nah semester kemarin (Summer Semester/SS) gue full online yah walau tengah-tengah kuliah ada aturan baru yang mulai agak meringankan aturannya gitu. Kuliah online pun macem-macem jenisnya. Ada yang dosennya ngerekam video yang bisa kita akses kapan aja terus nanti ada jam tertentu dimana kita akan live online meeting sama beliau untuk sesi tanya jawab, ada juga yang maunya live online meeting gitu jadi dia jelasin langsung kayak di kelas tapi bedanya ini online aja gitu.

Dulu waktu masih kerja, gue udah terbiasa dengan WFH dan online meeting jadi ini ga aneh lagi buat gue sebenernya. Cumaaaan, ya pegel aja duduk seharian gt liat laptop. Terus yaaaaaaa di belakang gue kan kasur yaaa hahahha jadinya sering tiduran gitu ninggalin dosennya (ya Allah Kemmy). Iya, emang penyakit malas dan tukang bolos gue dari SMP ga berubah sampe sekarang.

Well that’s the downside tapi yaa karena online classes ini gue bisa ambil kelas lebih banyak (apart from the workload ya) karena waktunya bisa gue atur sendiri kapan mau kelas (untuk kelas yang ga harus online meeting), ga perlu pindah-pindah gedung/ruangan.

Tapi sih ya gue bersyukur gue udah kelas beneran (?) winter semester (WS) kemarin soalnya jadi bisa ketemu banyak orang, kenalan terus punya temen heee. Kalo gak mungkin gue akan ansos seperti biasa. Hahaha

Nah, gue pun daftar field trip dan surprisingly tetep jalan dong! Kita cuma ber hmm 7 orang deh kalo ga salah jadi emang ga banyak. Like I said, in the middle of the semester aturannya agak dilonggarin karena emang case di kota dan Bundesland gue ga banyak gituuu

Well anyway, kehidupan disini sih menurut gue literally kayak biasa aja ya. Bedanya cuma pake masker aja di dalam toko (including mall ya) sama public transport.

Untuk semester depan sih katanya perkuliahan akan ada yang bisa duduk di kelas gitu. Tapi ga semua kelas karena terbatas jumlahnya. Yah semester lalu juga beberapa matkul ada yang ujiannya di kelas sih. Soalnya temen gue dateng ke kampus buat ujian. Tapi ada juga yang online.

Well yea, still though, corona sucks makanya jangan bandel. Stay at home, wear your freaking mask biar pandeminya cepet lewat