CrossFit Games 2019: Indonesia’s Very First!

Hey you guys!

So yesterday was the beginning of CrossFit Games 2019. Wooopp! This is actually the first time I watch the games. I’ve been doing CrossFit (on off) for a year now but this year I started to watch the game as well. The main reason why I’m so excited for CF Games this year is because it’s the first time that Indonesia competes with other athletes from all over the world


Our first time in CrossFit Games!

There are 2 athletes that passed the Open this year which are Mahendra Arditirta and Citra Ramaniya. Mahendra is from local box in Indonesia (CrossFit 6221) while Citra is based in Germany (CrossFit Limburg). Woooo you guys made Indonesia proud!

When I watched the game (sadly I didn’t watch all of them on the first day as I overslept, eh, time zone differences guys) I was really amazed. In my opinion the WODs were hard and the time cap was pretty short. I remember that on Men Event 1 Heat 1 (which Mahendra was in), there was only one athlete that finished the WOD which was Ben Smith from the US.

Kudos to all of the athlete! Around 50% have not passed the cut but hey, they are already the fittest from their countries and it’s such an amazing achievement for them to be able to compete on international competition. So again, congrats to all athlete that has passed the cut and also congrats to all athlete who has been able to compete in this game!