Now what?

Hey you guys!

It’s been 3 days after I quit my job. The first day after I quit, I still went to the office. Heck, I didn’t even go home on my last day because I still had many pending tasks. It feels weird now that I don’t work anymore. Maybe I’m just used to it. Well I have only worked for 3 years though, but still.

On my second day being a not-a-student-yet-but-not-really-wanting-to-call-herself-jobless, I just slept all day long. Seriously. Like all of the fatigue just came right to me and my body wanted to switch off for a while. I still feel like I have to finish my pending items up until now, is it weird? Like I can’t move on yet hahaha.

Oh well, let’s see how my third day goes. I’m planning to wake up at 5am but it’s already 2.55am. Eh.



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