A not so long Ted Mosby’s search for soulmate (SPOILER ALERT)

Hey you guys!

Sooo today I’m going to rant (I rant a lot don’t I? Haha) about this TV series that has ended like years ago. Yeah you could guess from the title right? It’s How I Met Your Mother. And kids, this is why I think HIMYM ending is the best

Basically you could see from the start. Literally from the start of episode 1 how Ted falls in love with Robin. Ted loves Robin from the first time he met her. Love at the first sight at its finest. You could also see what Ted did for Robin from Season 1 to Season 9. Yeah. Everything. Everything Ted does is for Robin. So it is very clear that Ted loves her that much and it’s only Robin for him.

While we all know how Robin has this commitment issue right? Robin is sooo unsure about everything, she freaks out by the fact that Ted loves her way too much. I think Robin just afraid of getting hurt and we all know that her relationship with her father is not that good.

In season 9, i forgot which episode but it involved a balloon, we can see that Ted is letting go of Robin. In the previous seasons we all see how Ted tried to move on but he can’t. In the end, it’s always Robin. I think in that episode, Ted really is trying to let go of her for good. But deep down, it’s always her.

Don’t get me wrong, of course Ted loves Tracy, the mother. But his soulmate is Robin. Ted loves Tracy and the time he spent with her. But again, in the end it’s Robin guys.

In my opinion, the point of season 1-9 is Ted saying to his kids that he loves Robin, how he loves her so much and how he wants his kids to give him permission to ask Robin on a date. Yepp. All of these years, it’s all about Robin guys.

Just like Robin said, “if you have chemistry, you only need one other thing. Timing. But timing is a bitch” and she’s right guys. It took years for Robin and Ted to be together.

So what do you think?