I’m Moving Out!

Hey you guys!

I just told my manager that I am going to quit my job to pursue my degree recently. Yep. I’m moving out. Out of this country. For how long? Who knows! The study will last for around 2 years but we never really know what the future has stored for us no?

I am soooo excited but feel kind of mellow about this whole thing. Well, I can’t see and physically touch my cats, parents, brother, other family members, friends. To be honest today, I’m looking at my room like this is it Kem. You will leave this room soon. I think the reason why I’m feeling like this is hormone. Yeah. I’m blaming you hormonal emotions. But also, after I told my mom that I got accepted, she said “oh I’ll be lonely then” don’t get her wrong, she’s happy but of course she will miss her kid. You see my brother lives in another island so there will be only the two of them now.

I used to be very excited and can’t stop counting the days/weeks to actually continue my study. But then, I don’t know. Somehow I get this whole mixed feelings. I’m sure this shall pass hehe maybe I’m just overwhelmed by the news.

Anyway, I’m going to talk more about this in the future. I also know that many people want to go abroad to continue their study as well so I might posts some of my story in Bahasa. Well, if you ever want me to make it in English, do let me know!