Travel Safety: Mind Your Belonging

Hey you guys!

It’s been a long time since the last time I updated my blog hahaha. So recently I just went to the UK (yeaaaay). I just fulfilled one of my bucket lists! Anywaaaay I’ll talk about it later. Yea yea I have at least 2 posts that I haven’t posted

Alrighty then let’s talk a bit about your safety. Yepp travel safety. No no, this is not because my background is from health and safety. Well maybe just a little heee. But this is also from my experience.

So during my travel to the UK, I lost my wallet. I lost it in Belfast, until now I’m not sure whether I dropped it or someone stole it. After I finished my GOT tour, I decided to dropped by Tesco and bought some food. I’m pretty sure I put my wallet in my rucksack as I put the change, 17 pence, in my pocket.

Anyway, I walked to the hostel, around 1 km from Tesco, then went to the kitchen. At first it was only me in the kitchen and I just put my bag on the table. Then I saw my roommate and waved frantically hahaha and by that time there was another person in there beside me and my roommate.

So anyway I still left my bag on a table (stupid right) and talked then cooked with her. The other person then went out. Then when I grabbed my bag, I realize I lost my wallet. But then I still try to act calm. I went to my room and searched my wallet. I let out all of my belongings from my bag and hope that I could find it. But no. Nothing. I went back to the kitchen and ate the dinner. Still trying to act (or look) calm. Then I went to Tesco again and asked whether I left my wallet anndd noooo there was nothing as well.

By that time, I started to panic a bit. I still tried to calm myself down and thought of any possible solutions. Then I thought, okay I still have my e banking and so I could just send the money to my roommate and asked her to withdraw it. TIDAK SEMUDAH ITU FULGOSO (Not that easy, Fulgoso; Fulgoso is the name of Marimar’s dog – a telenovela that showed on TV when I was a kid haha). She doesn’t know her bank account number. Yep. Dead. I needed to go back to London the next day and I needed at least 8 pounds for the bus.

She does not have much money either BUT she is soooo kind to actually give me 16 pounds :”””” FAITH IN HUMANITY IS RESTORED! Because of her I could go to the airport. But then, another issue was not solved yet. How can I go to London from Stansed?! What about food and everything?

I asked my friend’s friend, let’s call him Nuel, to store my luggage in his place before I went to Belfast. Becauseeee I flew with Ryan Air and bought no storage. I can’t call him and asked for a help because I don’t wanna bother him and I just met him once. And i was afraid that he will tell my friend, then it would cause an uproar back at the office. So, I hopelessly called my friend who studied in Newcastle. She apparently was in London that time but will fly to Paris the next day.

Miraculously, she knows my college friend who is currently studying her Master in London. And guess what, SHE WAS AT HER PLACE! I totally forgot that my college friend studied in the UK. LIKE WHOA. So she gave the phone to my friend, her name is Tita and Tita, if you’re reading this, I love you :”) thanks for saving me. So she told me that she would order an Uber for me to go to her place ah I am so relieved.

I actually already booked a room for my second week in London but the hostel canceled my booking on the day of my flight back to London. So I asked Tita if I could stay at her place. Luckily she has this nice sofa in the living room where I could sleep :”) I then decided to cancel all of my plan to go around South East England because my mood was kinda ruined and I had to spend more money than my actual budget

So guys, traveling is not always full of the joys of spring. Some bad things might happen, in my case I lost my wallet. Again, I’m not blaming anyone or anything, it’s pure because I didn’t pay enough attention on my surroundings. So please, be careful and stay alert during your travel. DONT ever leave your belongings unattended. I was lucky I separated my ID cards and other important card on separate wallet. I was lucky my passport was still with me. If it lost then I would definitely panicking.



A rant of thrones (SPOILER ALERT!)

Hey you guys!

Soooo season 8 of game of thrones has ended couple of weeks ago. There are 2 teams who are for and against it. Me? I’m in the against team. Oh this post contains spoiler, if you haven’t watched it please stop read it

I think for a two year filming, this season has disappoint me. The CGI and everything wrapped nicely but the story… why? Just why?

This post is full of my opinion so feel free if you disagree and want to talk about it with me more okay? 🙂

So anyway, I think the best episode in this season was the one where Brinne became a knight but the others? Eh. So so.

Okay so let’s begin:

I definitely hate the scene where Jaime and Brienne made love. Like heck? I don’t think (or maybe it’s just me) they made a hint here and there about Jaime’s and Brienne’s relationship being a romantic one. Like what? Jaime’s love to Cersei is undoubtedly real. He is willing to do anything for Cersei, which is the one who he loves. So that scene is definitely a no for me.

I also think that the episode of the Great War between human and night walker is so so weak. It’s very weak and too dark. I think the makers are trying to show that it was a really really dark dark night but hey, we can’t see anything so thank you Melissandre at least I can see couple of things because of you! You’re the real MVP here. If you ask me, I prefer Battle of The Bastards any day. Also, I hate that we basically get no story about the Night King and the Walkers. Like okay, so what’s the story behind it? They kept showing a bit scene here and there about the past in the previous seasons but they don’t tell the conclusion in the end. What? The Night King was killed waaaayy to easy as well. I’m very disappointed :/ we have been waiting for this war to happen and it’s so anti climax.

The Great War with Cersei was weak as well and there are couple of scenes that does not make any sense. Where Cleagane met The Mountain and about to fight? Dude, what the heck. Cersei was in the middle and she just walked by. What? That’s just so weird in my opinion. Cersei does not look cruel at all in this episode. Don’t get me wrong, I know Dany is going to be the Mad Queen in the end but I think they made it way too fast so many people hate the way the story is developed in season 8. If they want to make Dany The Mad Queen, they should make her experience more pain and lose more in the previous seasons. The character development for some characters was too weak or not acceptable I think.

The last episode. Well… anti freaking climax. Dany got killed way too fast, Bran became king of the Seven Kingdom (oh wait the Six Kingdom now) with this most annoying line “why do you think I came all this way?” Jon is sent to the Black Castle. The heeeeckk??? The story is just too hasty! The previous seasons’ stories were developed sloooowwwlyyyy which is why people keep complaining about the story in season 8.

Soooo, that’s what I thought about GoT Season 8. I am waiting for the books now because I’m pretty disappointed to be honest. Still though, thank you Game of Thrones for all of these 10 years. I do enjoy watching this series though I kinda complaint about the season 8

But again, this is all just my opinion. You are free to have your own opinion in this matter. Feel free to leave me some comments to talk about your opinion about game of thrones!