Is it just me or are you getting taller?

Hey you guys!

So recently I’ve been getting a question whether I’m getting taller. You see, as far as I know, once puberty ends you can’t get taller. And heck, I’m 100% sure I am not on puberty period. Hahaha.

Anyway, I never realized it myself I feel like I’m just like before you know. Same old 154/155cm short kind of girl. I also thought that maybe people say that because they haven’t met me for a while like 1 year or so, maybe? But then, even my close friends whom I meet regularly also said the same thing.

Then I read that exercise can makes you taller or looks taller at least. I’m pretty sure it’s related with my posture so probably I used to kind of hunching my back and now I don’t. The way I stand and walk are different now hence my posture is better than before. So I look taller now. I’m still not sure about the getting taller part as I haven’t measured my height. Though I’m pretty sure it is still the same old number.

I also read that some types of exercise will make you look leaner by building those lean muscle. That way you will also look taller.