Living my manga life

Hey you guys!

So right now I’m in Japan (though I’m going back tomorrow huhu) and the travel has been very pleasant! So I love to read manga and watch anime (well not watching anime that much anymore now but still read the manga!).

During my stay here, all of my reference is from the manga and anime (of course). So I am really happy that I can live my manga life here! For example, going to kyoto for school excursion. Well I’m not in school anymore but when I was there, there were many students who were going for a trip. Then I ate crepes like the one female students love to eat in manga.

I can’t wait to post my travel experience here in Japan! I’ve always been wanting to go here and finally I’m here! Oh I haven’t posted anything about my travel to the UK, have I? Oh well I owe you guys at least 2 posts!