Cancelled 5k

Hi you guys,

So previously I posted a post that I am going to participate in 5k run. But then, one day before the event, I got a really high fever I even talked in my sleep. So I decided not to force myself and just focused on recovery. Weirdly enough, I went to the doctor twice and both of them said that I was fine. However, on the third day, I started to have spasms and the high fever was still there.

My parents then took me to another hospital (so this is my 3rd doctor hahah). Apparently I got typhoid fever, dengue fever and lack of calcium though I drink milk everyday. The doctor told me that it’s because I drank coffee as well. I can’t deny it, I drink way too much coffee hehe

I was really bumped because I trained (not that hard, but I still did) for this event. But again, my health is my number 1 priority and knowing when to stop and not forcing myself are the lessons that I learnt from this. I don’t ever want to be hospitalized anymore… those needles and everything… just, no…

So you guys, it’s okay to stop and to take a rest for a moment. It’s better to do it rather than forcing yourself because it’ll jeopardize your health. At least that’s what I learnt from this!