Back to Run: another 5K

Hey you guys,

So I’m planning to join a 5k run this March. Mind you that I haven’t run for a looong time. I used to run back in my uni days but not anymore now.

So I’m afraid what if I could not finish it :/ hence I decided to start my training. My first time back to run was awful. I can barely catch my breath. But I’m improving. The last time I ran, it took me 32-34 minutes for 5k. Previously? Well, when I tried to run again, it took me 10 minutes for 1 km.

I am sooo happy with the improvement that I made! Though it has been a while again since the last time I run/crossfit because I was sick. Like really sick. I am planning to get back on track again soon 🙂 I just hope that I could finish my 5K 😀