Foolproof Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy While Traveling

Hey you guys!

Staying fit and healthy during traveling is an easy yet hard thing to do. When I travel, sometimes I got sick whether it was flu or diarrhea or even my body got really sore due to too much walking (yep, I’m looking at you myself-when-I-was-in-Aussie). But from all of my bitter (probably?) experience, I got some tips to share for all of you to stay fit and healthy during traveling.

1. Cut down on alcohol – know your limits!

Back when I traveled to Turkey with my brother. We ordered white wine. Well I was 20 or 21 and I don’t really drink so when I got the chance to drink I want to. Hahaha it’s like I’m a teenager huh? So anyway, the flight was really long and I arrived there at 6am then I had to wait for Indonesian students who live there – they were my guide but only one who tagged along to wherever I went. I started to explore Istanbul with them afterwards. Since my bus to Izmir was at 9pm and we still had some time to spare, I and my brother rented a room to rest. My body was tired, I had a jet lagged and I drank alcohol. What happened? My stomach acid got real high and I had a terrible stomachache. Be wise with consuming alcohol while traveling as your body is tired and it may worsened your condition

2. Drink water

Yep yep yep, water guys as in mineral water not sugary carbonated drinks. It’s very easy to forget to drink water when you are traveling, I mean I know guys it’s really exciting to explore new places right? It is so exciting you even forgot to drink water (or maybe even eat). Just bring your water bottle when you are exploring so you could refill the water. But remember not every places provide tap water that you could drink especially in developing countries so make sure if the tap water in that place is safe to drink

3. Sleep sleep sleep!

Again guys, I know it is so exciting to explore I know you just cant stop exploring and experiencing that new place but your body needs some rest. I tend to forget about that when I am traveling, well not forgetting though. I guess, being way too excited is more suitable. You might not feeling it right away, but you will feel it in couple of days

4. Know your pace, take a rest

When I went to Australia alone, I was really excited to explore the city and I really like to walk. I walked here and there. Forgetting about how far and how long I have walked. Apparently, I walked more than 25,000 steps per day when I was in Australia. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Wow. So of course it took a toll on me. I injured my feet to the point it was really painful to walk or even to move. So remember to take a rest every couple of hours, you may not staying there for a long time but remember that you also have your own limits.

Those are some tips that I usually do/remember when I travel. Traveling while you are sick is no fun! So stay healthy guys! 🙂




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