I’m Shook! IELTS Band 8 In One Week

Hey you guys!

So previously I talked about my IELTS test 2 years ago. It was in Bahasa though. So I recently retook my IELTS while I was so busy.

Work got me really occupied that time but I decided oh well nothing to lose anyway let’s choose 29 Sept since my German class starts on 6 Oct. Before end of the month, my team and I need to do accrual – basically something to tell the finance team that I need certain amount of money next month and I have spent X for this month. I also had something that was supposed to be done that week. Basically, lots of things to do.

I still tried to study after I got home. Sometimes I only got 1 or 2 writing exercises, sometimes I got 2 listening and 2 reading exercises, had a monologue hahaha. I’m not a morning person but I tried to wake up earlier to get 1 exercise done.

Wow. Balancing work and study is hard, I admire you guys who can do that without struggling.

When I did the test I was basically laughing in misery because I thought “the heck is this lol I’m gonna fail. Bye money”

Some of the words in the listening test were not very common, the reading section got several false, true, not given questions – which is my weakest point in reading. Basically the first 5-6 questions were about that. The writing was even worse, I had to explain a process of recycling glass. The problem with a process/cycle like that is of course the vocab while for graphic the vocabulary is not that bad. You basically use what’s in the picture and add or change several words.

My writing task 1 was hard for me, I’m not familiar with the words that people use to recycle glass. So I did my task 2 first. Hahahha oh boy, they question type was whether the benefit outweigh the disadvantages. 2 years ago, the question type was to what extent do I agree with that statement – which was easier for me as well. If I 100% agree/disagree than I don’t need to think twice. While my recent test made me think from both sides. The bright side was I could increase the word count (kinda).

Then my speaking test… oh wow I was lucky I got 12.40pm so I didnt need to wait long and could go home soon. Basically when the examiner asked me question I answered with “eh I don’t know (followed by weird reason why that happen)” my grammar was also horrible. My task 2, well, I stopped before 2 minutes but I’m sure I went beyond 1 minute. The examiner asked me to continue talking though so again, I talked nonsense for 2 minutes hahahaha. But she was very nice though

I was really down. Really. I asked my mom for forgiveness for some reason. I talked to my friends about how stupid I am to take a test without preparation (only 1 week) etc.

Well the results was in. I checked it on the internet, I thought hey 6.5 is great. I hope I could at least get 6.5. But then I got an 8.


A freaking Band 8. A freaking 8 out of 9. Like what the heck how?

I was really surprised and happy at the same time! I hope I could get at least 8 again if I have to take IELTS again!



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