At-Home WOD #4: 50s!

Hey you guys!

Sorry, again I haven’t posted much here. So lately I haven’t been going to the box and exercised at home as well. Ugh I need to fix this! I have been thinking to register myself at the gym in my office building, I mean hey, it’s “more reachable” right? The box is planning to move to somewhere else 😦 I hope it’s still close by!

Anyway guys, I started to workout again today. I have to get back on track ASAP so I start today. I don’t know but sometimes you just have this wanting to eat crap and be couch potato feeling right? So I’ve been doing it for a while :/ but hey, I’m back again!

So today’s at-home WOD #4 menu is:

50 Thruster (DB 5kg each)

50 DB PU (5 kg each hand)

50 DB Front Squats (5 kg)

50 Sit Up

So how was it? I was sweating like a loooott but it was fun! My cats keep interfering in the middle of the WOD though but hey, companions! Let’s just think it’s a team WOD :p



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