Travel Bucketlist #1: Game of Thrones

Hey you guys!

So I realize that I’ve not posted many travel posts lately. I’m so sorry! I actually have many things to post (if you could see my drafts you’ll know) but I just haven’t finished them. Oops so sorry! Oh and I’m sorry I’m supposed to post VISTA but I haven’t really touched my personal Laptop lately. I’ve been pretty tired with some stuffs.

Dum dum dumdum dum dum dum dum dum dum dumdum dum dum (let’s pretend that this is Game of Thrones soundtrack)

Anyway guys, I’m so excited as I’m planning to save up my money to have this Game of Thrones Tour! Yeaay so I am one of GoT fans and I really reaaaaallly wanna visit the filming location of GoT. As GoT has many places and countries as their shooting places, I might need a long time to go to every place. Well if I can’t visit all of them, at least I wanna visit some.


My first stop would be Ireland. There, I could visit many places such as Winterfell, Kingsroad, Castle Black etc. Oh just thinking about it is making me soooooo excited! But since it’ll cost me a lot of money so I will probably need to save up for quite some times. Maybe next year or in 2 years? I also want to go to the U.K. since God knows when hahaha but seriously the flight tickets are expensive. When I went to Australia it costed me around 350 – 420 USD for return tickets while for the U.K. hmm well that amount of money probably only get you one-way ticket hahaha

Other countries where GoT was filmed are Spain, Croatia, Malta, Iceland etc. So as you can see there are many countries that I need to visit to see where GoT was filmed. I also want to visit other places in those countries though so not only GoT scenes. So yep I still have a long way to go hahaha

So anyway guys, this is one of my travel bucketlist. I have other things as well that I wanna do or visit and I will share the others soon 🙂 Is Game of Thrones Tour one of your Travel Bucketlist? Have you visited those places? Or do you have other things in your bucketlist? What are they? I’m excited to know! Do leave me some comments below 😀



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