My First Solo Traveling Experience

Hey you guys!

So as my previous posts have mentioned, I just did my first ever solo traveling to Australia. Yep I mentioned it again and again sorry guys hehe. So anyway, I was really excited. Like really really excited. I meant hey, going abroad and travel to a new place alone is a new experience for me. I managed everything by myself. From finding the flight tickets, hostel room, itinerary, budgeting plan etc.

I’m gonna be honest with you guys, it was a lot of work but it was worth it! At first I just wanna watch Bruno Mars World Tour Concert at Sydney but then I thought heck I’m gonna travel around Australia. So after I bought my Bruno Mars ticket, I planned the other things. It took me a while to actually buy the plane tickets since I just started a new job. And I still had to apply for VISA as well.

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-17 at 71348 PM
Bruno Mars World Tour Concert at Qudos Bank Arena. I’m lucky I’m small so I could got into the front crowd :3

So after things got a little bit quieter at work, I started to spend some of my times arranging everything. I gathered some documents for the VISA, booking some tickets, looking for places to visit etc. Since I only took my leave for 6 days (yep, I spare 6 of my leave days just in case I want to travel again. And of course I do :p) so I can’t visit all of Australia. I decided to visit Sydney and Queensland. I really wanted to snorkel at Great Barrier Reef but sadly because of the time limit I could not do it. That’s why my journey ends in Fraser Island (not complaining at all though!). I will talk more about it in my other post 🙂

Yep I watched concert alone. I always feel like I could make friends during my journey anyway so yeah, I met someone there.

The visa application was easy as long as you have everything with you! So anyway I went to Australia on March 15th and arrived there at March 16th since the concert started on the 17th. Everything has upside and downside, obviously. I personally dont really like to take picture of myself during traveling (not anymore at least! I used to love it). So in taking-picture department, I have no problem at all! So anyway, it was my first concert as well. Yep I watched concert alone. I always feel like I could make friends during my journey anyway so yeah, I met someone there. We actually became friend until now! She also watched the concert alone, a hardcore Bruno Mars fan I believe hehe. I got to the hostel at 1am or something, I was so tired but hey I had to go to Blue Mountains the next day at 6am! hahahah

The famous Bondi Beach at Sydney. I will definitely post VISTA about this picture!

On 19th March, I flew to Brisbane and met my best friend who studied there. But the next day I went to Noosa and Fraser Island, where I stayed in another hostel for 3D2N aaaannd got another new friends. Then back to my friend’s place again on Thursday evening. It is really nice to have friends or relatives that live abroad as I usually crash on their bedroom, yep bedroom not couch hahahah. Networking Benefit 101: free accomodation and visit places like local :p Anywaaayyy on 23rd March I visited Gold Coast and then took a rest the next day. Well more like slept during the day and being active during the evening/night hahahah. My best friend took me to Eat Street with her friends. Since I had to flew back home at 7.20am –  yes, 7am, I can barely sleep!

Networking Benefit 101: free accomodation and visit places like local

You know what, one of my friends who live there (yeah, I have another friend in Brisbane) actually decided to go with me to the airport since we had no other time to catch up! She picked me up at 3am ish! Well, I am so lucky to be surrounded by good people in life! Another Networking 101 Benefit!

My first solo traveling experience was exciting for me! I love every second of it even when I got lost or when I almost lost my phone due to my stupidity hahaha. I will definitely do solo traveling again! How about your first time? Have you done solo traveling? Or will you try it? Leave me some comments below 🙂



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  1. […] Okay! Sekarang gue mau cerita tentang pengalaman gue urus VISA ke Australia. Kalo kalian baca beberapa post gue yang sebelum-sebelumnya, kalian bisa tau juga pengalaman jalan-jalan ke Australia tanpa bantuan travel alias solo traveling alias jalan-jalan sendirian tapi enggak forever alone kok. Et kemana mana ini ya gue ngomong. Anyway, sebelum gue mulai kalo kalian tertarik untuk melakukan solo traveling tapi ragu-ragu coba cek post gue disini atau sedikit pengalaman gue di Australia sendirian disini. […]

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